Your clubs 26 and under side

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The Kings Ransom

Team Captain
Aug 30, 2021
AFL Club
Gold Coast
B: Stocker Young Marchbank
HB: Kemp Weitering Williamson
C: Philp Cerra Carroll
HF: Fogarty McKay Kennedy
F: Fisher Curnow Silvagni
R: De Koning Walsh Hewett
IC: Cunningham Setterfield Dow Pittonet
Out of interest, why do you have Carroll who is yet to debut on field ahead of someone like cuningham who has shown a bit.

and do you think you could actually play de koning and pittonet onfield together successfully?


Brownlow Medallist
May 3, 2007
Parts Unknown
AFL Club
Other Teams
Man City, Valencia, Lazio, Panthers
Disagree especially when you consider none of those injuries were in the back half of the year
Similar to Richmond in 2019 and 2020 when they won both of those flags...... Have some players injured in the 1st half of the season. Come the half way point around rounds 10 or 11 or even after the bye after rounds 13 or 14, those players come back from injury

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Brownlow Medallist
May 3, 2007
Parts Unknown
AFL Club
Other Teams
Man City, Valencia, Lazio, Panthers
We can't. We only have 21 currently on the list 26 or under, after trading out Kreuger and delisting Jarvis, Okunbor and Taherny.

We are also likely to lose Clark and could delist Constable and Brownless still, so could be struggling to field a starting 18 26 and under side before the draft. With Ceglar, we can do a 26 and over best 22.
Wow and you think it's sad having only 21 players aged 26 or under.

Its way better than Freos 2008 list that had only 7 players aged 23 or under partly due to trading our 1st and 2nd rounders every 2 years


Premiership Player
Jan 22, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
26 and under, so born in 1995 or later?

Suns team

B: Budarick - Graham - Bowes
HB: Powell - Ballard - Markov
C: Lukosius - Miller - Weller
HF: Holman - Corbett - Ainsworth
F: Chol - King - Rankine

R: Moyle - Anderson - Rowell
Int: Flanders - Fiorini - Jeffrey - Sharp

E: Hollands, Macpherson, Davies, Burgess, Farrar, Rosas

I reckon this team could go ok.

Midfield young, but emerging with an established leader in Miller. Good mix of in and out with Rowell/Fiorini/Miller - Anderson- Weller/Sharp. Few players that can run through there with Flanders, Ainsworth too.

Need to see more of Moyle in the ruck at VFL level, but looked ok in his short time with us.

Forward line should be able to kick goals, especially with Jeffrey an x-factor on the bench.

Defenders can intercept (Ballard, Powell) and run (Budarick, Markov, Powell) so should give us drive, but clearly need to more KPD depth.

Hollands emergency, purely as he hasn't played an AFL game yet but imagine he'll be in this team (and the legit senior team) very shortly.
Yeah, agree. Pretty much spot on. You could go with Chol in the ruck if Moyle is not ready and Burgess giving him a hand. I would have Farrar in the best 22.


Premium Gold
May 25, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
B: DBJ-_____-Jones
HB: Burton-_____-Houston
C: Amon-Drew-Dursma
HF: Finlayson-Marshall-Rozee
F: Fantasia-Georgiadis-Farrell
R: Hayes-SPP-Butters

INT: Bergman-Fredrick-Bonner-McEntee-Williams

OUTs from Best 22-Boak, Gray, Dixon, Jonas, McKenzie, Lycett, Clurey, Aliir, Wines

There are no KPD under 22.
The team is made up of every player 26 and under that has debuted except for Hayes.


Club Legend
Sep 8, 2016
AFL Club
Assuming 26 and under by round 1 next year:

B: Reid - (Zerk-Thatcher) - (Francis)
HB: Redman - Laverde - Ridley
C: Langford - McGrath - Cox
HF: Snelling - Jones - Perkins
F: (Guelfi) - Wright - (Baldwin)
R: Draper - Parish - Merrett
I/C: Caldwell - Durham - (Waterman) - (Ham)

Players in brackets are those who I think have question marks or can be upgraded on in the future.

Kane McGoodwin

May 21, 2001
Floating around the Universe
AFL Club
Other Teams
Adelaide Crows
B: McPherson (21), Butts (21), McAsey (20)
HB: Milera (23), Doedee (24), Jones (21)
C: Sholl (21), Crouch (26), Dawson (24)
HF: McHenry (20), Himmelberg (22), Fogarty, (21)
F: McAdam (25), Thilthorpe (18), Cook (18)
R: O'Brien (25), Keays, (24) Schoenberg (20)
I: Worrell (20), Pedlar (18), Hamill (20), Berry (19)

Next in:
KD/KF - Murray (20), Frampton (24)
DEF - Hinge (22), Parnell (19), Borlase (18)
FWD - Murphy (22), Rowe (21), Gollant (19), Newchurch (18)
R - Strachan (25)
MID - Hately (20), pick #4

Excluded over 26 - Sloane (31), Walker (30), Seedsman (29), Smith (29), Brown (28), Laird (27)

Excluded uncontracted Davis (23) & O'Connor (20)
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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 11, 2011
AFL Club
B: Turner, McKay, Bosenavulagi
HB: Perez, Bonar McDonald
C: Powell Simpkin Thomas
HF: Stephenson Comben Horne-Francis
F: Zurhaar Larkey Edwards
R: Coleman-Jones Phillips Davies-Uniacke
IC: Lazzaro Taylor Scott Ford

CHB the main concern, which will be filled with a few decent looking CHB's probably available at #20.

Pretty devastating looking young midfield and fwd-mid unit.
Bazzo is at no brainer with your second pick.

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Club Legend
Apr 29, 2016
AFL Club
B: Bowey Petty Rivers

HB: Salem Lever Harmes

C: E.Langdon Oliver Brayshaw

HF: Neale-Bullen Weideman Sparrow

FF: Pickett Fritsch Spargo

Foll: Jackson, Petracca, J.Jordon

Int: Bailey Laurie, Van Rooyen, Rosman, Dunstan

Frank Thring

Club Legend
Mar 3, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
We are short of class mids which we need to draft over the next year or two, but both ends of the grounds are building, with our young defense our clear strength, and it looks like we've found a few in Kosi, Jeka and Brockman.

B: Hardwick, DGB, Impey
HB: Jiath, Sicily, Scrimshaw
C: Day, Worpel, Bramble
HF: Moore, Lewis, Jeka
FF: Brockman, Koschitske, S.Mitchell

Foll: Reeves, Newcombe, Nash

inter from: Morrison, Maginness, Phillips, Hanrahan, Callow, Saunders, Downie, Howe
That's actually not a bad team.

Frank Thring

Club Legend
Mar 3, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne

FB: C.Jones ~ J.Butts ~ T.Doedee
HB: W.Milera ~ N.Murray ~ L.McPherson
C: J.Dawson ~ M.Crouch ~ L.Scholl
R: R.Obrien ~ B.Keays ~ H.Schoenberg
HF: B.Cook ~ R.Thilthorpe ~ N.McHenry
FF: J.Rowe ~ D.Fogarty ~ E.Himmelburg
B: L.Pedlar ~ J.Berry ~ W.Hamill ~ J.Hately
Crows building nicely. I think a couple more quick mids and a KPD and they are set.

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