Your Favourite Australian Skyscrapers

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Dec 17, 2006
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An attractive skyline adds much to the beauty of a city. In the Australian cities, which are your favorite skyscrapers? Some of mine are:

MELBOURNE - The magnificent Rialto is my favorite skyscraper in the Victorian capital. Other tall buildings that look nice in Melbourne are the Eureka Tower, the art deco buildings at the Eastern end of Collins street, the gothic style ANZ building, Bourke Place and the Melbourne Central Tower.

BRISBANE - The Riparian Plaza tower located near the Eagle Street Pier is a very attractive building that looks much like Perth's QV1 tower. Waterfront Place, the Brisbane Skytower, and Infinity are nice buildings too.

GOLD COAST - In some cases biggest is best, and the best of the many tall buildings on the Gold Coast is the Q1 Tower in Surfers Paradise. If you are visiting the Gold Coast and have a head for heights, the Q1 Skypoint climb is well worth it. From high on the rooftop on a clear day you can see Brisbane in the north, the Byron Bay lighthouse in the south and the hinterland in the west. The Soul Building and the Circle on Cavil buildings are also nice structures.

SYDNEY - The MLC Tower is my favorite Sydney skyscraper, but in Sydney you tend to think more about structures such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House than the high rises.

ADELAIDE - The South Australian capital doesn't have many tall buildings, but the largest - Westpac House on the corner of King William and Currie Streets - is a nice building, its appearance making look it like it is made of sandstone.

PERTH - Perth's most attractive skyscraper is no longer its tallest, but it is still very nice. This is the St Martin's Tower, the building with the revolving restaurant on the top floor. It is a fairly simple white office tower, but the ornate rooftop design is what makes it stand out. The tallest building in Perth the Central Park Tower is a nice structure as are the South 32, QV1 and Exchange Plaza Buildings.


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Jan 21, 2013
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Ohhh a thread I can get about!!

Melbourne's boom over the last few years has provided a few.

Absolutely adore Aurora

Also Aus 108

Some beauties in the pipeline as well.. Premier, West Side Place, 435 Bourke, Queens Place, Sapphire by the gardens, Collins Arch, Green Spire (if it ever gets up)

Some absolute shockers like Collins house

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Larry Barnsworth

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Mar 11, 2018
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Given all tall buildings are typically just layers of concrete clad in glass, I like those that disrupt that vision.

My fave is the "Lego" building near St Kilda junction. It looks like building blocks stacked by a giant toddler and I enjoy the whimsy it generates. Apparently many people hate it though.

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May 5, 2006
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St Martin's Tower has nothing on South32. New BHP building is modern and highly functional but designed by someone who studied architecture in cold war USSR. Woodside build better HQs.

Council House isn't really a skyscraper at 13 storeys but is so 1960s cheesy it became cool again.


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Sep 27, 2008
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I don't know how that BHP building got planning approval, it's an awful looking building that doesn't fit in with the city skyline and looks like it's half finished.


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