Review Your favourite Potato Chip (or similar chip)

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Nov 28, 2019
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North Melbourne
It's a topic i require and welcome opinions on.

My favourite has always been Kettle Co Brand Chilli chips. I served today in a group and they were poorly received.

About as much love and respect given to my favourite chips as Ricky Nixon receives as a human being.

Then Cheese Twisties came out and it was like the same people had just come back from solitary confinement, after eating bread and water last 2 months.

I thought a 'Lord of the Flies' situation might occur but thankfully, calm was restored upon an empty bowl.

Then a person even said "I should have just bought plain Smith's" instead. That was the final straw as i find them boring but he reckons "still the best". (he was ushered back home)


Fatty chip snackfood - what is the best getting around lutside mentioned? Cheezels? Burger Rings? Salt and Vinegar? Corn Chips like Doritos? Pringles?

I'm open to all opinions and advice thank you ;)

Ps; no nut mixes, soya or healthy, far more sensible options etc. This is Supermarket chip section only!!)

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Aug 21, 2012
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North Melbourne
Tyrells has a black pepper chip initially but it disappeared. It was really good.
I am with that other guy though, plain Smiths, then salt and vinegar then bbq. For a party the most popular pick is always Cheezels.

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