Your favourite Preliminary Final.

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Sep 14, 2005
Endeavour Hills
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Collingwood has had a few quality ones in recent years.

Vs Geelong ‘07
Vs Hawthorn ‘11

Would’ve been two all AFL supporters would’ve enjoyed.

As a Collingwood supporter;

Vs Geelong ‘10
Vs Richmond ‘18

Were great to watch as it was so emphatic.

Went to all of them bar the ‘07 Prelim.


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Mar 8, 2017
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Besides 2017 against GWS, it's Doggies and Giants 2016 for me. Watched it with some mates at a pub in Fitzroy, the atmosphere was so much fun! Was the most invested I'd ever been in a neutral final!

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Apr 1, 2005
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fu** we gave it our all that night.

Incredibly proud of our team that year. The Cats won their other two finals by over fifteen goals so it said a lot for our tenacity that we were one kick away on the final siren :(
Was sitting on the half-forward flank Geelong were kicking to in the last quarter that night

Have never heard a crowd as loud as pies fans were that night #Respect


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Nov 30, 2009
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2011: Hawks v Collingwood - went with little expectation, thinking we'd get done comfortably; but to get so close and fall short was gutting. Then had to drive back to Adelaide the following day.
2012: Hawks v Crows - Made the trip back to Adelaide all the more enjoyable. Didn't think we could lose the GF, but the rest is history....
2013: Hawks v Geelong - Best game I've ever been to. Could barely hear the siren over all the cheering. Haven't celebrated a win as hard as that.
2014: Hawks v Port - Awesome atmosphere and was sitting with mates behind the Port cheersquad, so also made post-game celebrations all the more enjoyable!


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Apr 5, 2010
Port Hedland
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West Coast
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Last year against Melbourne was pure bliss. We brought an on fire Dees to their knees.
Subjectively yep this is my favourite.
Got to see our team at its best in the first half, and then the 2nd was just so comfortable and fun to watch because we already had the game won.

Objectively a few come to mind:
1999 Ess v Carl
2004 PA v St.K (possibly the greatest game of all time)
2006 WCE v Adel
2007 Gee v Coll
2009 St.K v WB
2011 Coll v Haw
2012 Haw v Adel
2013 Haw v Gee
2016 GWS v WB


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Apr 5, 2015
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2017 Prelim vs GWS was the most surreal experience of my life.
So much emotion came pouring out of my soul that night.
The 90,000 Tiger Army chanting Dusty Dusty in the last was chilling.

I didn't know I would experience something infinitely greater just 7 days later.

Non-Richmond, 1994 Geelong-NM
Ablett after the siren and the tension of the entire last quarter

2016 GWS-Bulldogs
Watching the Bulldogs hang on and end years of prelim heartbreak.

1989 Preliminary between Geelong and Essendon.
8 goals from Ablett in what was the finals series of a lifetime from Ablett, and a 94pt Geelong win, which was a 170pt turnaround on their previous meeting in a Qualifying final 2 weeks earlier, setting up the greatest grand final of all time a week later against Hawthorn.


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Feb 13, 2010
Melbourne, Victoria
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2019 Richmond-Geelong prelim for me.
Hawkins kicking 3, the third putting the Cats in front with less than a minute to go and ultimately sealing the win, when he should have been suspended.
The tigers supporters at the ground were ropeable!


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Apr 20, 2018
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Jan 13, 2004
Bound for Germany 2006!
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Western Bulldogs
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Harry's Heroes
1. 2016 Dogs vs Giants
2. 2013 Hawthorn vs Geelong
3. 1999 Essendon vs Carlton
4. 1994 Geelong vs North Melbourne
5. 2011 Collingwood vs Hawthorn
6. 1997 Dogs vs Adelaide ( :( )
7. 2007 Geelong vs Collingwood
8. 2004 Port Adelaide vs St. Kilda
9. 1996 Sydney vs Essendon
10. 2014 Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide

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