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Mar 7, 2009
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your dreamin' :p

I think Brisbane is a lock for the next two years. The loss of 5 round 1 pick players last year has really hurt them.

Given how Free Agency looks like taking good players from bottom sides, rather than seeing good players go to bottom sides. I think teams like Carlton, WCE, Bulldogs, Saints, Melb, & Brisbane face a difficult few years recovering from the compromised draft of recent years. Not sure who will be bottom after 2015, but it will one of these clubs.

When you think about it, the franchise clubs have really stuffed the rest of competition big time. The top sides will remain the top sides for the next 4 years, the middle sides will just move around the middle, and the bottom sides won't shift much from where they are now. The only two teams who will move up the ladder are the franchise clubs, as they are full of the round 1 picks everyone else missed out on.
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