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Only Forwards

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Can someone please tell me why the hell Brown is running 16km per game?????
It is absolutely nonsensical.
Sure, Nic Riewoldt would do 12-15km per game, but his stats and impact on the game were huge. BB is running so much for no reward.
Somethings not right.

Plus, his inability to cope with any body contact in a marking contest remains a major issue for him. Maybe if he ran less, he may be stronger in the contest???? Now there’s a revelation!!!
Player up field has ball, Brown leads, player handball, Brown doubles back leads again, next player handball. Rinse repeat for practically every lead he makes.

It happens every f***ing time we go forward.

Brown has 2 problems.

1 lack of genuine tall forward in the side.
2 the idiotic way we move the ball.
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