Your worst Football Injury/** Not an original MF Thread**

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by James Bond 008, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Thuggee_Cult

    Thuggee_Cult Premiership Player

    Apr 12, 2011
    Jeez, I thought I had some bad injuries but I've heard some shockers here.

    I've played around 200 games of football in my life (junior and senior) and i've had a broken nose, Popped an AC joint, fractured tibia, badly sprained both ankles and torn a calf. I'd honestly have to say that tearing the calf was the most painful by far.

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  2. G0ther00s

    G0ther00s Club Legend

    North Melbourne
    Other teams:
    Miami Heat
    Oct 14, 2008
    At training broke my finger.
  3. Eastie Boi

    Eastie Boi Senior List

    Jul 18, 2013
    I have bilateral compartment syndrome.
    Had to have both legs operated on and was bed ridden for a few weeks
    Couldn't stand up because the blood would rush to my legs so I had to bum drag myself over the floor boards to go to the bathroom lol


  4. nefarious

    nefarious Debutant

    West Coast
    Mar 6, 2013
    Perth, Western Australia
    Tore my hamstring during pre-season back in 17's. Missed 3 weeks. Strained it about 10 weeks later due to my own stupidity (decided to bomb one in from 50 with little to no warm up) however the pain was gone within the week and I played the following Sunday.

    I've been relatively lucky.
  5. Jimmybob

    Jimmybob It's coming..

    Other teams:
    May 26, 2012
    All through my juniors I had to deal with Chondromalacia Patella. My knees used to swell up so bad to the point that I've got stretch marks on them now. Tore my meniscus a few times (minor tears) in both knees, but neither injuries kept me from playing, I just wasn't allowed to train properly. Being so young I felt pretty cool having both my knees strapped to the shit house each game haha
  6. Shinboner99

    Shinboner99 Draftee

    North Melbourne
    Nov 3, 2014
    compartment Syndrome in my right leg, broke both fibula and tibia and was out for a full season not a great start since I'm still in juniors. haha
  7. Rainfall

    Rainfall Suspended

    Other teams:
    Zyzz ~ Forever mirin'
    Aug 10, 2013
    Wolf Creek
    I've been really lucky to not have been injured or broken a bone, sprained etc thus far.

    Although one day after training I was being a dickhead when I was leaving and I was nearly home riding my bike (I was 13 playing U14s) and I stacked it but it was that bad I scraped my leg from knee down to just above my ankle (obviously not on my ankle side, the front of my leg). The entire leg was pure scab I couldn't even go to school because it was so disgusting, it was worse than the picture below, and bigger than that. It was so itchy too

    I couldn't run without hurting so I was going to be useless if I went out I thought but I wanted to because if I didn't it would be a team forfeit due to amount of players. The thing that made it so memorable for me is because they put me on a forward pocket (usually chf). but the person I played against I knew them and they've been to a juvy prior at a young age and most of my school years at my school.

    Because I was essentially useless being out there how I was I still managed to kick 2 goals against him which humiliated him clearly because he started punching me. However what made it so memorable was if I didn't kick them two goals we would have lost but if I didn't play we would have forfeited making me the winning factor I guess. To this day we are now friends it's been nearly 5 years
  8. James_Blues

    James_Blues Club Legend

    Jul 7, 2012
    Been relatively lucky not to have broken any bones or done any soft tissue damage. Two worst injuries would be;

    - fully rupturing my PCL last year: not massively painful and just felt like i'd jarred my knee though it did give way a fair bit. Didn't realise at the time what i'd done and went back to training after a week off and it gave way again just before the warm up started. Went to go see the team physio and he said he reckoned i'd done my PCL so ended up going to get an MRI on it a week or so later. Since then haven't had massive issues with it, though sometimes it feels a little weak.

    - not exactly sure what it was that i did but i copped a knee in the back diving on the ball and turning to protect it. limped off pretty slowly with it feeling pretty sore, was like that for a couple of days. Decided to have a hot bath a couple of days later to see if i could relax it and then all of a sudden it flares up really badly and any sudden movement would cause it to tense up and have this sharp pain in my back. Physio didn't know what i'd done and wasn't a lot of help really. Made the trip to school on the tram bloody painful as I'd have to hold onto the pole and just try to limit my movement as much as possible as the tram took off. This lasted about 2 weeks and then eventually settled down.
  9. Roo Beauty

    Roo Beauty Norm Smith Medallist

    North Melbourne
    Other teams:
    Utah Jazz, Baltimore, Man City
    May 16, 2015
    Locker #1
    Busted AC joint and split webbing both happened last year.

    I had the ball and was shoved in the back by a fat bloke as I kicked it, I fell right on my shoulder and did the AC joint + torn ligaments. Hurt like a bitch.

    Just needed stitches for the split webbing.

    I've also dislocated both thumbs and am index finger, sprained my right wrist and missed 3 games with a strained hip flexor, all happening this year.
  10. BC9_

    BC9_ Yellow and Black

    Jan 31, 2013
    Ruptured the lisfranc ligament in the midfoot and got a hairline fracture in my ankle in the same incident.

    As I was picked up the footy on the wing and turned around to kick, a player tried to smother my kick and crashed into my foot and landed on top of me. Similar to the Nathan Brown incident, just lower. Very painful, swelled up a lot, looked like half a tennis ball was on top of my foot.

    Needed surgery to stabilise the midfoot. 2 plates and 4 screws to allow the ligament to heal and close up the gap between the two midfoot bones. Been on crutches for almost 2 months, no weight bearing. Hopefully I can start putting weight on my foot next week and begin rehab and physio. Plates and screws to come out in December, 6 months after surgery.

    Anyone else out there suffered a lisfranc injury?
  11. Twinkletoes

    Twinkletoes Moderator

    North Melbourne
    Other teams:
    MVFC, Storm, Everton, Socceroos
    Jan 28, 2004
    Tender Touch
    Yes, a Lisfranc Dislocation about 6 years ago which went undiagnosed for months and was instead considered a hot spot possibly leading to stress fractures of the meta tarsals. That came on the back of Plantar Fasciiitis a year earlier. Bloody hell both were horrendously painful to deal with, escpecially when getting out of bed in the morning. Six Cortisone shots and a major lessening of the weight bearing load and all was finally good after a couple of years of hell. Good luck with that B_C.
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  12. BC9_

    BC9_ Yellow and Black

    Jan 31, 2013
    Glad to hear you're finally good and back on your feet, save for the tough journey! Lucky you turned out good considering the misdiagnosis which can cause problems so I've been told by my surgeon... Or if left untreated. Can confirm that it's a bitch of an injury. Cheers :thumbsu:
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  13. Twinkletoes

    Twinkletoes Moderator

    North Melbourne
    Other teams:
    MVFC, Storm, Everton, Socceroos
    Jan 28, 2004
    Tender Touch
    As tends to occur with these bloody things there is fallout and it may well be from the early misdiagnosis. Currently dealing with bad Achilles Tendinitis. Back to bike riding rather than running daily and regular physio visits to help subside the inflammation which showed up clear as day on a scan a couple of weeks ago. The good news is the Achilles does indeed seem like a flow on effect from the foot issues and isn't a degenerative issue, so it should be sorted with a lot of work. Fun times!
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  14. extractasam

    extractasam Senior List

    Feb 11, 2011
    2 shattered elbows as a result on being absoloutley murdered by Toby Greene in a tackle back in the days of U/15's.
    Scratch match at the start of the year, both elbows went straight into a turf wicket that was solid as a rock. Shouldn't have been playing there was a recipe for disaster.
    Funnily enough though as bad as that sounds, I did a grade 3 hamstring tear a year later and the pain of that outweighed the elbow injury by so far its not funny.
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  15. Dirty Bird

    Dirty Bird Pokémon Master

    Other teams:
    #BostonStrong #RiseUp
    Aug 1, 2010
    Depends. Only had 2 football related injuries

    1) Sprained ankle (but so bad I was on crutches for 3-4 days)

    2) Hairline Fracture in the radius (forearm) - Played out the game and didn't notice till post game the pain, was still there the next day, got a scan, out for 3 weeks...........But didn't miss a game. School holidays (x2) followed by the bye.

    Which is worse? You can argue it.

    1 that was so much pain I missed 3 quarters
    1 was minor, but still structural damage so I couldn't do anything for 3 weeks, but I never missed any gametime due to the circumstances.
  16. TheCuzEffect

    TheCuzEffect Premiership Player

    Other teams:
    Man United - Minnesota Timberwolves
    Oct 22, 2007
    Torn MCL and fractured Navicular all from the same injury.
  17. lions2002

    lions2002 Rookie

    Brisbane Lions
    Jul 5, 2016
    Broken knee cap. Got pushed in the back after I took a mark and landed on it. Ran around for another 10 mins until the pain really kicked in and I ended up being stretchered off
  18. Coopers

    Coopers Premiership Player

    Mar 23, 2007
  19. Masqualero

    Masqualero Team Captain

    Jul 2, 2015
    Ruptured my spleen and had to spend a week in hospital and 6 months off contact sport.
  20. DeIulio2Pearce

    DeIulio2Pearce Premium Gold

    Apr 14, 2013
    Had both shoulders reconstructed as a result of recurrent dislocations and have had an ankle reconstruction as a result of a ligament tear.

    Worst bit all up is that I was an absolute S**t campaigner
  21. SizeMatters

    SizeMatters Brownlow Medallist

    Brisbane Lions
    Other teams:
    Gold Coast Suns
    Sep 14, 2012
    Ignore List
    Dislocated Kneecap with most probably torn or fractured ligaments about 8 years ago. I never got it treated and I still can't run for more than a week without it being literally unbearable to walk on. Flares up every now and again especially during windy colder days. Really shits me as well as I was a fairly damn good runner which is probably a genetic thing.
  22. conrad_437

    conrad_437 All Australian

    Western Bulldogs
    Jun 26, 2016
    Fractured my fibula today, easily my worst and most painful
  23. brutus76

    brutus76 Premium Gold

    Other teams:
    LFC, NFL Redskins, Brisbane Lions
    Jul 26, 2016
    Brisbane (VIC until 21, SA until mid 30's)
    AC joint and busted shoulder definitely my most painful.

    Hard to sleep for the weeks after it's fixed - mind you the meds are excellent! :)
  24. udinmaul

    udinmaul Draftee

    May 16, 2017
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  25. Always Ballin

    Always Ballin Premiership Player

    West Coast
    Jan 11, 2015
    Main Forum Poster
    I simultaneously snapped both tibia bones after a rough fall from a very high jump. Vertical jump is 45 inches, so it was a fair ways down. Especially with 225 pounds of ripped, lean sinewy muscle bulk. I was in immediate and reprehensible pain. I was able to finish out the game and assisted on the winning goal.

    Took me 4 months to heal. Thanks to an extreme PED regenerative stack.

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