Toast Zak Butters appreciation thread

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Aug 15, 2015
42° south
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Port Adelaide
zaccy b went past rozeee and duursma a long time ago. he's a legit force in the competition. when ziebell tried to smash him and ended up hurting himself i believed. he has an adamantium skeleton

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May 26, 2017
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Oct 3, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Gray can't tackle like Butters nor can he take a high mark like Butters.

And yet, Butters can do everything Gray does.

It's basically frightening how good he is.
It wasn't quite a 'getting Robbie Gray at pick 55' steal, but getting Butters at pick 12 was still a hell of a steal. Imagine if clubs could do the 2018 draft again. He'd go top 5, perhaps top 3.

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May 10, 2014
Adelaide, South Australia
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Port Adelaide
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Liverpool FC
Haven't felt this excited about a player since Wingard circa 2013-2014, except Zak matches his exceptional natural talent with a relentless work ethic. Ken's described it perfectly - Butters could be anything he wants to be. A multi-premiership player would be my preference.

Kid's a freak...


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Jul 1, 2014
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I doubt every week is going to be like this for Zak in terms of possession numbers, but his usage is unreal for a 3rd year player.

I have said it consistently that he was our most important player last year, and I wont be surprised to see that trend continue in 2021.

Reads the play as good as anyone in the competition.


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Mar 2, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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He just hits every stoppage contest with so much speed and intensity.
Zak is the exact type of player that the top Victorian clubs try to lure away from lowly “interstate” teams with the promise of a playing in front of big loud crowds and possible premiership success... imagine if we were one of those shitty “interstate” teams!


Club Legend
Mar 26, 2017
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Port Adelaide
I think the King brothers would still go before him because talented KPFs are difficult to find. Walsh maybe. So I'd put Zak at pick 3 or 4 if the draft was done again.
I was wondering how the King brothers compared to each other stats wise so figured I'd dig up their footywire comparisons (

My first reaction:
"Holy sh*t, they're the same age and height! What are the odds?!"

I am not a clever man.

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