Mod. Notice Zero tolerance for abuse - Read before posting on the board

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Crimson Azure

Jul 16, 2007
Mariana Trench
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Hi All,

We have decided to go for a zero tolerance approach when it comes to abuse toward posters and mods (who volunteer their time to try to make this a better place). Why? There has been a lot of abuse going on, and as a result we are losing long time posters from the board, losing mods, losing new posters and currently have an environment in which many posters are reluctant to post. In fact some of the discussion has been described as toxic. We take some of the blame for this as what your willing to walk past is what you're willing to accept, but no longer.

So what constitutes abuse? Abuse is attacking/insulting the poster not the post. We don't care if they you have a strong opinion on a topic, but having a go at the poster is not on. AT ALL! This includes put downs and name calling for the sake of belittling another poster. It doesn't have to be foul language to qualify either.

How can you help:
  • Apply this rule and be respectful to others.
  • If you are abused or see abuse report it.
  • If you can't post without abusing then don't post.
If you have a problem with the stance the mod team are taking what can you do?
  • Suck it up and apply the rule.
  • Stop posting on the board if you can't respect the rules.
  • Keep posting abuse and be removed from the board until you agree to respect the rules.
How long will this go on? Until we have respectful discussion amongst all the posters on the board.

Mod Abuse: Any, and we mean any abuse to mods will get you a warning and removal from the board if it's goes too far. The mods on this board give up their time freely to try to make this place more enjoyable and some of the abuse to them recently was not just unacceptable but disgusting.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me for clarification.

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All Australian
Oct 15, 2015
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General bump and reminder 👍
I understand that our current circumstances have made the mods' role more difficult. People are frustrated and depressed and some people have allowed that to get the better of them when posting here. The mods have a tough job in difficult circumstances and they are doing a pretty good job of it.

That's all the more important these days, because most of us have very few outlets. The mods make sure that this forum is something that we can enjoy without adding to our already very stressed lives.

I think that's important, and when the mods are considering how to use their power, they should bear that in mind. The stress in our lives should be their primary consideration when deciding to suspend a user.

You may have taken TK's post as being disrespectful. But it was clearly meant to be funny. It gave us a laugh. That's half the reason most of us are here... all the more important these days. No one would see it as undermining the important role that you or any other mod does here for us.

As much as he tries, it's not too often that TK makes us laugh. Let's not punish him for it when he does.

Please unsuspend TK, so that we can all once again delight in his ham-fisted attempts at humour and we can feel a little better about our s**tful lives.


Dec 1, 1999
Gates' Payroll
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Thank you for your input.

Right now we're in a convo with TK. He knows what he needs to do to have the card deleted.

In future, leave the jokes and banter out of the moderating issues threads. You may see it as a joke, but it simply undermines the message of the thread. Later, someone else will do something similar and claim "just jokes", and point to that time TK did it and nothing happened to him.

It does not help.
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Proper Gander

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Feb 15, 2015
South Yarra
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Please remember to read the Melbourne board rules and the site rules, thanks.

All apply but please pay attention to the universal rule about moderator decisions. If a decision (can be deleting posts, warnings etc) is something you question, please get in touch with the board moderators via PM. Do not post about it on any public thread.

Thanks again

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