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I really cant be assed in the threads anymore so passing this on here
Some good info on it:
New channel that looks like twitter
Patriot Group signed in
Her discord group seems to have a lot of info too
Still talks of nesara, gesara
My apologies Taz, I note that you have responded to one of my posts in the NM threads which has come up on my alerts. I won't be reading it as I've made the decision to wipe the NM threads altogether. Good luck with everything and may life treat you kindly.

All the very best to you - Marcella
My apologies in advance. I note from my message icon (top right of my screen) that you have taken time to respond to one of my posts. Regretfully your responses be they in agreement or disagreement won't be read by me as I meant what I said in wiping the North Melbourne thread.. I have moved on and am concentrating on non-North Melbourne related threads and groups.

I wish you all the very best - Good luck.

Sorry mate, you probably should not waste your time responding to my posts as I mean what I say. When I walk away I walk away. I won't be reading or responding to any more NM related posts. I'll keep my eyes off your forum and keep my opinions regarding anything North Melbourne to myself. Goodbye and good luck with it.

All the best - Marcella.
Sorry mate but don't bother wasting your time or thoughts responding to my posts on North Melbourne related discussions. I mean what I say and I won't read your responses as I've saie. I'm wiping the NM thread altogether. Good luck with it, have a great life.

Hi damochandler,

Just reaching out if you are interested in playing in the Big Footy fantasy hockey keeper league.

Please let me know if you are interested in taking over a team.
Hi, this is a bit of a long shot as your account appears to inactive for quite a few years, but a while ago you mentioned in a thread that the Perth Demons song was apparently lost and they were only able to salvage an old phone tape message. I'm wondering if you have a source for that information or if you have any more information about it
Hey mate.

What thread did you post that cola vid of Lance Franklin? I've had a sh*t day and need to have a laugh again.


Looks like you were given an infraction at 3.11pm today.
It wasn't me.
What did you do?
I see box070 on the Hardwick rumours board is being a twat to you. Poster THE_GUN on our board got the banned a couple days ago and i think box070 could ve him as sounds like him.
I laugh at responses like his.
if he wants to carry on like a dickhead I’m happy to oblige.
"he's" = "he is". "This is he's (he is) ball" makes no sense. The word you are looking for is "his" like "her".
"Could've" = "could have", "could of" is not a thing