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Cheers for the shout out on the 'controversial opinions' thread. My opinions on CEllis and Lennon were so controversial that I got booted from the Richmond board because of it ;) Go figure!!! I'll stand by my opinions, which were right. have a great day.
Just put down 100k on Tigers to win the spoon. Shoe in.
Wowee I’m
Continuing to live rent free in your head. Elite
Groin guru
Groin guru
I'm trying to have an intelligent football discussion and you're here meeping about the joint. You're a bigfooty NPC at this point in time.
You seem a bit obsessed friend. Might be time to go outside
Hi flog thanks for your vote virgin!...u mad bro???
Can you help me lose my virginity mate? I’m special like you and need help.
You're a lost cause friend, btw why do you still have the same nick when Hodge and Franklin both play for other clubs now?
Hi mate! Sorry to bother you, but you made a post in November about your AFL Live Pass ( and in it you posted a link to the first quarter of the Rd 4 ESS vs PORT match. If possible, and if it's not too much trouble, would you possibly be able to send me the links to the other 3 quarters? I've really been trying to find this game. Thanks.
great comp ! - my tips for KNOCKOUT TIPPING COMP 2019

Rd 1 Rich
Rd 2 Ess
Rd 3 Coll
Rd 4 wcost
Rd 5 Ess
Rd 6 Hawks
Rd 7 wcoast
Rd 8 WB
Rd 9 Ess
Rd 10 Gee
Rd 11 Ess
Rd 12 North
Rd 13 Ess
Rd 14 Melb
Rd 15 Syd
Rd 16 Rich
Rd 17 Gee
Rd 18 Rich
Rd 19 WCoast
Rd 20 Adel
Rd 21 Rich
Rd 22 GWS
Rd 23 Syd

10th place - North
Wowee 1000 likes!!!
Hi, I hope you are well. I have a 16 year old son who is a bottom aged Colts player for West Perth. Would you mind if I asked you some questions about what specifically AFL clubs are searching for in the hope of maximizes his chances of getting a shot at the draft in 2020?
Draft Potential
Sure Zurgblade - tell me what type of player he is and where he has been playing so far.
Hey JB, I am not sure if you have a FB account, but if you want to join mine then look me up under Ken Seinor.
I do a weekly thing on the games every week during the season.Just a bit of fun.
I found OAF message in my spam file today.
LOL looks like I wont be getting an invite back.
Will do. OzF is as dead as, I had a look the other day.
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