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Hey mate,

I'm interested in the draft league if you still have spots available?

I've been in a couple before and have been doing classic Supercoach since it started up.
R1. Tigers
R2. Essendon
R3. Dogs
R4. WC
R6. Hawks
R7. WC
R8. WC
R9. Coll
R10. Cats
R11. WC
R12. Ade
R13. North
R14. BL
R15. Swans
R16. North
R17. Cats
R18. BL
R19. Crows
R20. WC
R21. Cats
R22. North
R23. Geelong
This bloke has a large supply of Chico Rolls and Four 'n' Twenty pies - must be a flamin' true blue.
Hi there, Just wondered if I could possibly get the link for the Instrumental version of the Richmond Tigers Club Song. Would be greatly appreciated.
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