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We aren't good enough to go B2B.
I reckon you'll win it this year.
Banana Bread
Banana Bread
We do look like a premiership side but what you guys were able to do in the finals only a year ago still concerns me. I hate making predictions because injuries and s**t could happen but both teams at their best I think you guys are the only ones who can beat us.
Just something missing from last year.
Geelong look better with a fully fit Cameron and a small forward who can provide goals and defensive pressure in Stengle.

I'll be happy to see anyone but Collingwood win it.
Hey there BFF
I noticed your thumbs down for my post re Jsos. I would be really interested what you disagreed with
Hey Teach,
Are you going to see TISM at Flemington in December?
Tyler Durden007
Tyler Durden007
Maybe. If I can get my old TISM fan mates together. I'd like to go with our old t-shirts that we made. They say "TISM BOAT HIRE - STAFF" and balaclava's. We'd look like crazy old homeless people lol.
You going to go?
Yep, already got my ticket.
Hey mate, i havent heard anything from rhaums on this in a couple of months. The source code that i gave him access to is a working implementation from GWS and a bunch of other features that i'd been working on. Is a question for him from here though on progress/release plans etc
Hey Grenville, do you know where I might find a copy of the premiership coach that was updated to include GWS ??
Teams I support in other sports.
NBA: Lakers
NFL: 49ers (Rams second)
Baseball: Yankees (hate the Red Sox)
Premier League: Tottenham (Liverpool second) (hate Chelsea, Everton, Aston Villa, Manchester City)
Scottish Premier League: Celtic (hate Rangers)
Favorite Continental European team in soccer: Red Star Belgrade.
Old VFA: Coburg
you have got to be joking with the amount of freo supporters trolling

You're welcome to ask for clarification in the PM.
Aristotle Pickett
Aristotle Pickett
Why do these posts come up on my feed when I press the lightning bolt icon?