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Games & Recreation Want to play SoO for your state?

Discussion in 'In the Shade' started by boncer34, Feb 28, 2012.

Put it out there
  1. boncer34

    boncer34 Brownlow Medallist

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    Melbourne Storm
    Jul 05
    Thats right folks Bigfooty is giving you a chance to play State of Origin Football for your state!

    All you need to do is join up to the SFA prior to the SoO carnival being held in approximately 3 weeks and show the captains what you've got and you could be running out in your very own shiny SoO jumper representing your state.

    What is the SFA I hear you ask? Well it is a fantasy based game run on a text based simulator called Qooty which was created by Bigfootys very own Mobbenfuhrer. Essentially your name (plus the names of your 19 teammates) is entered into the sim vs. 20 other names and you end up with 4 quarters of commentary of realistic football. The best thing is all you have to do is sledge till your hearts content. It involves very little work from you and yet you could still play football for your state.

    The introduction to the SFA is found here in this thread:

    The Queensland team thread is found here:

    Currently the SFA is about to embark on its regular season finals series so the SoO isn't starting just yet. Never the less it gives you plenty of time to examine the league, see what its all about and plot your path to the top of the tree in the SFA State of Origin series.

    Any questions dont hesitate to ask.

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