Grand Final telecast: why no HD Mr Channel Seven?

Why is it that we can watch lawn bowls in high definition in this country but, unless you are willing to cough up for pay TV, you won’t be able

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All Un-Australian – The Worst 22 in the AFL 2012

The criteria for this list of the worst possible footy team of 2012 players were no first year players and a minimum of 10 games played for the year. We

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Trololol or: Why sports stars need to toughen up

Trolling is all the rage these days. A woman called Charlotte Dawson, who whose existence I was blissfully unaware of until she managed to get herself in a “Twitter War”

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Western Bulldogs still shaky off the field

At the end of this month, one side will be celebrating the success of a premiership. Will it be Collingwood, West Coast, Hawthorn or Sydney? One thing for certain though,

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Out, out damn Ratts!

One of the few things I learned in school is that behind all the awesome violence and rooting in Shakespeare, there’s often a Message to be had. The Scottish play,

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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. According to Michaelangelo Rucci – I know – the AFL is set to purchase the licenses for the Adelaide Crows and Port

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4 reasons Geelong should win the flag from outside the four

2012 is shaping as one of the most even and exciting premiership races in modern history. No one could doubt

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Leave Izzy Alone!

Israel Folau has become the AFL’s latest whipping boy after a shocking couple of games. We all know this. The

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There’s Something About Mary

Essendon are shit. I know this is a family website and all, but let’s be frank here. The Bombers aren’t

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NRL playing catch up footy on TV rights

And so Stage 136,876,942 of the great AFL vs NRL pissing contest is underway. The NRL yesterday announced their TV/media/broadcasting

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Forget East vs West. Bring back State of Origin #AFLnotNBA

If you’re a Twitter using knob like I am, inevitably you’ll find yourself following AFL players. There’s a couple of

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Boo – scared of going to the footy, Chris?

Chris Scott has had an eventful week. Not content with scaring Gerard Healy half to death on live television for

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Field of DreamTeams – time to improve the format

I managed to sneak into the final eight of my DreamTeam* league by beating a Swedish girl who has only

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Memo Port – get Adam Simpson

If Port were a Melbourne club, they’d have been relocated by now. And nobody would bat an eyelid. Thus said

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Godwin’s Law states that the longer an online discussion goes on, regardless of original topic, the chances that someone will

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Sure Melbourne tanked. They just didn’t do it right.

The first time I ever heard the word “tanking” in relation to sport was in the early 1990s referring to

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AFL unable to act on McLean tanking claims

“[Bailey] was saying it was all in the category of development etc. – his players were always trying and [there

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Grinners and Moaners Round 18

Grinners Geelong The chase is on. It could be scoffed at earlier in the year when it was suggested that

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Grinners and Moaners – Round 17

As the writing super sub, I’m coming in this week with my look at who were the big winners and

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1 Sydney Swans Sydney221750142.968
2 Hawthorn Hawks Hawthorn221750140.868
3 Geelong Cats Geelong221750113.868
4 Fremantle Dockers Fremantle221660130.464
5 Port Adelaide Power Port Adelaide221480129.956
6 North Melbourne Kangaroos North Melbourne22148011756
7 Essendon Bombers Essendon221291106.350
8 Richmond Tigers Richmond2212100105.848
9 Eagles West Coast2211110116.944
10 Adelaide Crows Adelaide2211110114.144
11 Collingwood Magpies Collingwood221111094.144
12 Gold Coast Suns Gold Coast221012093.740
13 Carlton FC Carlton22714189.830
14 Western Bulldogs Western Bulldogs2271508228
15 Brisbane Lions Brisbane22715069.328
16 GWS Giants GWS22616076.724
17 Melbourne Demons Melbourne22418068.416
18 St. Kilda Saints St. Kilda22418060.816