Advertising Highlight Stats

Unique Visitors: 468,284 /mo

Visits: 2.5 million /mo
Page Impressions: 21.4 million /mo
Pages per visit: 8.60
Avg. Visit Duration: 14m
Registered User Accounts: 150,000+
Podcast Subscribers: ~9,000
Twitter: ~10,000 followers
Facebook: ~5,500 likes

(These stats change throughout the year, please contact us to discuss the latest figures.)

Launched in 1999, is the web’s largest Aussie Rules community, and a top-10 Australian social networking site.

We specialise in footy fan social interaction.


The site’s visitors are predominantly Australian, plus many expats. They are highly engaged users, well above average for pages per visit and time on site.

Male: 89.71%
Female: 10.29%

60% Graduate or Post-Grad education.

18-24: 12.8%
25-34: 25.93%
35-44: 26.15%
45-54: 16.81%
55-59: 7.68%
60+: 9.54%

Source: Effective Measure

Niche Interest Groups doesn’t just cover AFL. We have hundreds of boards covering diverse topics like:

  • Cricket: One of Australia’s largest cricket fan communities.
  • Soccer: Local and international leagues
  • American Sports: Including NFL, basketball, ice hockey and more.
  • Video Games: A large, highly engaged video game audience with our own community game servers and two podcasts
  • Politics and the economy
  • Poker and punting boards.
  • Rugby, NRL, cycling, UFC, WWE and many more
  • Travel, music, TV and film

Ad Units Available offers standard or rich-media display ads in a variety of sizes including:

  • Leaderboard: 728×90
  • Island: 300×250
  • Expanded Island: 600×250
  • Wide Skyscrapers: 160×600
  • Banner: 468×60
  • Mobile units
  • Client Specific campaigns including full site wraps and Global Announcments.

Podcasts: We also have over a dozen different podcasts with approximately 9,000 subscribers in total.

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In addition to regular banner ad campaigns we can offer you can become a sponsor of the site or a dedicated section of the site.

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