That’s a way to start a season.

Now, before I get Tigers fans getting the February roar going, let’s remember that it was the NAB Cup. Nevertheless, beating a near-full-strength Hawthorn without any of Cotchin, Deledio, Riewoldt and Martin is damned impressive, even if it is only a half of football. And you were within a straight kick of North too…not shabby at all.

Keep a lid on it Tiges fans.

Shane Tuck

Quite possibly the resurrection of a career based on that game. We shall see. But surely, surely now he’s worth a tilt as a clearance mid.

The lovers of the 2010 Goal of the Year

If it means we get to see Buddy streak down a wing away from defenders to banana it through over and over and over again, I’m sure as hell not going to complain that he’s on a wing.


Geez, who would have thought they’d nearly knock off the Pies? They didn’t get a win like Gold Coast, but nevertheless the signs are good.


They made it look a hell of a lot harder than they should have though.

West Coast

That’s contender form. A side looking to push into and consolidate in the eight, as well as their closest rivals brushed aside easily. Ominous.


Reece Conca

That’s how to not start an AFL season. Especially when Fox Footy are testing all their new hardware.


And losing to Richmond wasn’t what the Hawks would have looked for in starting their season. Once again, it was a straight kick…but a straight kick by a full-strength side against a half-strength (at best) side.

North Melbourne

However, North would go in as the least impressive. North should be looking towards finals in 2012, but with only a win by a bare margin against Richmond as well as their top-eight problems revealing themselves again with Hawthorn, it must be asked whether they’ve really improved.

Western Bulldogs

Also less than impressive – a near-full-strength side being cracked by a young Pies outfit as well as nearly losing to a team that has only trained together. Worrying.

Highly paid GWS players

Very much a night to forget for both Scully and Ward in that first match.


They may have been under-strength, but to be outscored so easily is an early and serious problem for the Dons.


One goal? Against the Eagles? That’s pretty poor.

Brent Macaffer

After all the questions about whether he would get another chance late last year, to be injured again so early is tragic for Macaffer