MELBOURNE 6.1 11.4 18.8 20.15 (135)
GWS 5.1 6.2 6.2 9.3 (57)

The much anticipated return of Tom Scully to the MCG to face his old team came to an anti climactic result as Melbourne cruised to a 78 point win.

The animosity towards Scully from the Demons fans was clear as he was booed every time he touched the ball and he certainly knew about it when he made a mistake. However this was not the only noise the Melbourne crowd made as they had plenty to roar about as the Dees dismantled the Giants.

After showing promising signs over the last few weeks the Giants would have thought themselves a chance and they looked good kicking five goals in the first quarter to trail by one straight kick at quarter time.

The Dees had been too focused on roughing up Scully early, but after the first quarter it was all Melbourne as they kept GWS to just one goal for the next two quarters of football whilst kicking 12 of their own.

In the end Melbourne were just too good, led by Nathan Jones who had 33 disposals, seven clearances and six inside 50s; he put his hand up to take on the Giants at the stoppages. Jones was supported by Colin Sylvia who looked at his best kicking three goals and pumped the ball inside 50 ten times.

It was those kind of numbers that made Melbourne’s 42 more inside 50s possible. And it was also the difference. With so many entries the Demons were bound to kick a winning score and they did so though what is now becoming a trend for them, and that is backmen going forward.

Jared Rivers joined Colin Garland as defenders turned forwards, kicking four and three goals respectively. They received many opportunities thanks to the work of Jack Watts and Tom McDonald who racked up the possessions and trapping the ball constantly in the Demons’ front half.

Greater Western Sydney did not help their cause either as they quickly reverted to Plan B: Getting numbers behind and around the ball. This resulted in countless occasions where there were no players in their forward half.

The likes of Callan Ward (27 disposals) and Taylor Adams (24 possessions) would win the stoppages and find themselves looking up to empty space. If it were not for some of Melbourne’s mistakes and the ability of Jeremy Cameron to convert his opportunities with three goals the results would have been even uglier.

Melbourne’s only worry for the game will come from Mitch Clark who was subbed out with concussion and an ankle injury after a strong first half. While the Demons would have been happy with just the four points, embarrassing Scully and the Giants would have made it t a little bit sweeter.

1)Nathan Jones
2)Jack Watts
3)Jarrod Rivers

Melbourne: Clark 4, Rivers 4, Garland 3, Sylvia 2, Davey 2, Howe, Trengove, Jamar, Blease
Greater Western Sydney: Cameron 2, Wilson 2, Patton, Greene, Adams, Bugg

Melbourne: Jones, Watts, Rivers, Sylvia, McDonald
Greater Western Sydney: Ward, Adams, Greene, Treloar, Cameron

Melbourne: Mitch Clark replaced by Sam Blease at half-time.
Greater Western Sydney: Jonathon Patton replaced by Luke Power in the third quarter

Official crowd: 20,070 at the MCG