While all players go into their AFL careers with high hopes of nothing but finals and premierships, unfortunately for some, things don’t turn out as planned.

While players like Joel Selwood have won more than 75% of the games they’ve played (plus a few flags, if you don’t mind), others aren’t quite so lucky.

So who is the most unsuccessful player currently playing in the AFL?

The lamentable honour goes to ruckman Jonathan Giles, who through his 63 games at the Giants, Bombers and Eagles has won just 19.05% of the games he’s played in.

Given the youthful and inexperienced start, GWS players and former players dominate the list, which also details the painful career of some Melbourne stalwarts.

Here’s the list courtesy of AFL Tables, you can also discuss this list on the forum here.

AFL players with the worst win-loss records

Win% Current Player Teams
19.05 Jonathan Giles GW,ES,WC
20 Lewis Taylor BL
22 Marco Paparone BL
23.55 Stefan Martin ME,BL
23.73 Will Hoskin-Elliott GW,CW
24.14 Curtly Hampton GW,AD
25.2 Jeremy Howe ME,CW
25.89 Martin Gleeson ES
26.24 Matt Shaw GC
26.95 Lynden Dunn ME,CW
27.17 Nathan Jones ME
27.27 Dom Tyson GW,ME
27.78 Dean Kent ME
27.93 Tom McDonald ME
28.4 Sam Mayes BL
28.43 Patrick Cripps CA
28.7 Adam Treloar GW,CW
28.71 Neville Jetta ME
28.9 Tom Lynch GC
29.03 Alex Sexton GC

Minimum 50 games played

It could be worse, spare a thought for the late (we assume) Ted Hall, who between 1897 and 1902 won just 1.37% of the 73 games he played.

To save you doing the maths, that was one win out of 73.