Trade Period’s back! Two weeks of frenetic player movement! Get ready!

Not quite. Day 1 of AFL Trade Period 2017 gave us zero trades and free agency moves, but that doesn’t mean that no progress was made.

Adelaide have decided not to pursue Bryce Gibbs this off-season.

The Crows are also adamant that Charlie Cameron won’t be traded.

To the surprise of nobody, Josh Schache would like a trade back to Victoria.

Nobody has any idea where Jack Watts is going.

Essendon are signing absolutely EVERYONE!

What a lovely name.

Fringe Port mid Brandon Ah Chee nominated West Coast as his team of choice.

And finally, Ricky Nixon was at Etihad Stadium for some reason. Nice to see Chicken wearing his nice shoes for his big comeback.

That’s it for day 1. 9 days to go…

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