Without a scandal. As as long as the blindfolds and CDs of other clubs theme songs are out of reach the Crows should be on the rebound this year.


With vigour. The young Lions should be putting no limit on what they can achieve this year.


In cotton wool. With major injuries to Docherty, Pickett and McGovern already sustained before Christmas the last thing the Blues need is another player going down.


With eyes set on the road ahead. The Pies are major flag chances this year. After a bitter Grand Final loss it’s time to end the introspection and start believing again.


With cohesion. Last year the Bombers new-look side took too long to gel. This year round they need to put their best foot forward from the start.


With hope again. Been a couple of hard years for Fremantle since they fell from the top of the ladder in 2015. Jesse Hogan as a focal point up forward could make a world of difference.


With optimism. Many have written off Geelong after their disastrous end to the season. But Ablett is still there. Kelly didn’t leave. Still reasons to believe.

Gold Coast 

Quietly. Gold Coast has had enough (negative) press in the off-season, they will just want their massively turned over squad working hard to get to know each other and improve.

Greater Western Sydney 

With Josh Kelly’s signature on paper.