Andrew McQualter: From Assistant Coach to Interim Head Coach at Richmond Football Club

May 23, 2023, Richmond Football Club confirmed the much-anticipated news of Andrew McQualter’s appointment as Interim Head Coach. Known for his extensive experience and tenacity, McQualter will commence his tenure this coming Sunday, taking the reins for the match against Port Adelaide.

McQualter, at just 36, has cemented his place at Richmond Football Club since 2014. Initially joining as a VFL player and AFL development coach, he quickly ascended to the role of assistant coach in 2016. He’s not just a coaching talent; his player resume is impressive as well. McQualter has participated in three Grand Finals, with a total of 94 AFL matches under his belt during his eight-season tenure with St Kilda and Gold Coast.

Tim Livingstone, Richmond General Manager of Football Performance, praised McQualter’s comprehensive game knowledge, meticulous attention to detail, superior communication skills, and unwavering passion for enhancing standards and facilitating improvement. McQualter’s appointment received unanimous support, and Livingstone is confident that his decade-long association with the club and exceptional relationships with the players will be beneficial.

Taking the baton, McQualter’s energy and enthusiasm promise an exciting second half of the season for Richmond. At a training session at Punt Road, the newly appointed Interim Head Coach expressed his eagerness to helm the team, acknowledging his predecessor ‘Dimma’ for the invaluable lessons.

In addition to a strong and united coaching team, Richmond boasts a hungry playing group that’s thrilled about McQualter’s new role. “Football moves fast,” McQualter noted. “This week, we need to gear up to put up a strong show against a formidable team. We can’t wait to get down to business.”

In the wake of McQualter’s elevation, development coach Kane Lambert will take over as midfield line coach. Lambert has been applauded for his exceptional football knowledge and tactical acumen, particularly in midfield and stoppage work. Livingstone has lauded Lambert as a highly regarded individual who has significantly contributed to the coaching department. His appointment only spells great value for Richmond’s midfield line.

Richmond Football Club is eager to see this new chapter unfold, with Andrew McQualter at the helm and Kane Lambert in his new role. Undoubtedly, the upcoming match against Port Adelaide is one to watch.