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  • Currently I use both train and then bus to the stadium but couldn't indicate both so just checked 'train'. Not sure how that would skew your results. Definitely for me coming from the South, I found train to Canning Station, then bus to the stadium is best. But going home, train the whole way is better as there is a big wait for the buses. Hopefully the bridge will shorten this wait.
    v Sydney, line to the station was just stupid - 30 mins to get on a train - fck that.
    v Cats, went to the Camfield (smashed), then train to Perth, then walk to Murray St, then Greenwood.
    v Suns, Camfield, tried stadium station but closed, so Uber...$66 home. Fckd. My problem. Can't stand lines, so get p*ssed, then want to get home. But fck me, no trains...3 hours after game...
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