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    Mofra's Bottom 50 for 2021

    Mofra is the best writer in footy if not all of sport but fu** me if north arent' so boring that I actually didn't make it to the end of the Polec entry. Clearly not the great man's muse.
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    How big can Melbourne FC become?

    Hawthorn is proof that even winning three in a row doesn't allow you to stay at the top table (Friday nights, Saturday nights, free to air) once you stop winning. The Dees could win 10 flags in a row, and then if they didn't win the 11th, they'd be back playing mainly on Sunday afternoons the...
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    The rankings (from best to worst) of the 125 VFL-AFL premiership teams

    Michael Long alone should discredit the 2000 team. Any Grand Final you win where one of your players intentionally knocks out an opposition player is tainted. It's absurd that it happened in the year 2000 and we're not talking about something from the 1960s. It's one of the reasons Essendon of...
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    The rankings (from best to worst) of the 125 VFL-AFL premiership teams

    Essendon of 2000 is one of the most compromised seasons of all time, really only behind war years and covid years. The season was moved forward an entire month due to the Olympics. With Waverley being closed and Essendon being the primary tenant of the new Docklands stadium, they enjoyed a...
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    Opinion Fan misery index by team supported

    There is a huge fan-media contingent cheering Essendon on. They get hyped up every year not because of some build-up/tear-down cycle (like Richmond 90s/00s) but because their nuffy supporters occupy a disproportionate number of high-ranking positions both on air and behind the scenes. Carlton...
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    Who feels sorry for St Kilda - the only drought remaining!

    How close they got in 2009/10 really does mask how badly they blew 2005. Ahead at 3QT at the MCG with a grand final waiting against another non-Vic team off a day's less break. Imagine how different today's AFL might look if Grant Thomas was a premiership coach instead of the game's loudest...
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    Coach Would you want Paul Roos to have anything to do with your football department?

    The Roos coaching tree is Lyon, Longmire, Goodwin and Dew. Anyone else? Longmire 1/3 in Grand Finals Goodwin 1/1 Lyon 0/3 and a draw Dew set to be sacked without making the top 13 never mind top 8
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    Official Club Stuff 2021 Leon Davis Medal

    Jeez it's a crack field Of all the contenders only Tom MacDonald really used junk time to get out of the conversation completely. Pickett with 2 effective disposals and 4 tackles from 75% game time...basically spent the game running away from play? Weightman is the obvious candidate for pure...
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    Official Club Stuff 2021 Leon Davis Medal

    Has Caleb Daniel actually been a liability since half time? Was him slinging Gawn over the boundary the turning point in the game?
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    Official Club Stuff 2021 Leon Davis Medal

    Goal assist for Bailey Williams...redemption arc!
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    Official Club Stuff 2021 Leon Davis Medal

    Half time watch list: - Bailey Williams: 7 touches but 2 mistakes leading directly to goals - Kossie Pickett 1 kick, 1 handball, 2 tackles from 75% time on ground - Cody Weightman no kicks, 2 handballs, 1 tackle from 78% time on ground Willing to give the other key defenders like Keath and...
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    Official Club Stuff 2021 Leon Davis Medal

    The only way it's not Bailey Williams is if the Bulldogs get up and win
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    Greatest Dynasty of the 21st century - Lions vs Cats vs Hawks vs Tigers

    I put it to you that under any policing of the deliberate rushed behind rule, in any year between 2009 and 2021, maximum three Hawthorn rushed behinds from the 2008 grand final would get pinged. One of which was Mark Williams kicking the rushed behind after the game was done and dusted in the...
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    Opinion The BIGGEST sporting event in the country

    Australian Open tennis is a global event that lasts for two weeks. It has no equal in terms of international reach, duration and also that it's a unisex tournament. The only thing that comes close in recent times is the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Prior to that you're looking at 2003 Rugby World Cup...
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    Greatest Dynasty of the 21st century - Lions vs Cats vs Hawks vs Tigers

    Hate to say it but it's Geelong for one simple reason. Tougher contemporaries. Brisbane knocked Essendon off their perch but did so with COLA and IV treatments on the hot day of the 2001 GF. Plus Essendon had injuries and only made the grand final due to Darren Goldspink. They then benefited...