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    Review Dogs defeat melbourne 85-65 - Round 19, 2021

    Sonny 1 versus 4 handed the ball out for Bruce goal and repeat tackle on Oliver resulted in Bont's winning goal. Kid is going to be a star, definitely best 22.
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    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    Should've signed Garcia for longer, kid already comfortable at the level at the early stage, our Dahl Mark II could be a flight risk if explode next year.
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    Footscray VFL 2021

    So the words going Schache was tried as defender later this game, how did he go? Chance to play that in the first soon?
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    Toast Jamarra Ugle-Hagan - Welcome to the club

    Play him CHB along side Keath, can't be worse than Cordy/Gardiner duo.
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    Preview Round 11- Changes vs the now defeated Demons

    English for Young Wallis for Treloar Young to sub
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    Review Dogs 96 def Power 77 - Rd 9, 2021

    Look at Smith's interactions with Wood, MaCrae and Treloar post game, definitely a tick of approval, a happy boy couldn't hide his excitement back playing in the gut tonight. Our midfield finally found the right mix without Dunkley and got the mojo back tonight. Look out!
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    Preview Changes vs The Orange - GWS v WB, Rd 6, 2021

    Expereinces and hardened body in, close to our best team, I like. The fight is on Friday night :cool::fire::fire:
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    Toast Welcome to the Temple of Bontempelli, please take off your shoes and pay your respects

    Agree this year is MaCrae's peak year, Bont will start to peak come 2022, prepare to be awe-struck!
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    What They're Saying - The Bulldogs Media Thread - Part 3

    The Tackle: Mark Robinson reveals his likes and dislikes from Round 4 of the 2021 AFL season 6. Taylor Duryea Yep, English, Macrae, Treloar, Dunkley, Bontempelli and Naughton will figure prominently in the highlights reel from Ballarat on Saturday, but quietly, coach Luke Beveridge would be...
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    Autopsy Lions get Naught in English Test - Rd 4, 2021

    MaCrae will end up with 300+ games, multiple premierships and league hall of famer easy, and still won't get a BnF [emoji23][emoji23] On SM-N986B using mobile app
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    Preview Changes Dogs V Lions at Mars 10.4.21 - Rd 4, 2021

    Bailey Williams can be a gun midfielder, if it wasn't for our deepest midfield in history.
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    Preview Changes Dogs V Lions at Mars 10.4.21 - Rd 4, 2021

    Jongy in, our best 22 puzzle solved!
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    Preview Changes Dogs V Lions at Mars 10.4.21 - Rd 4, 2021

    Out: Gardner, Scott In: Young, Jong Sub: Lipi
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    Changes v North

    Out: Gardner, Scott In: Young, Jong Sub: Lipi