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  1. CAS79

    Current Melbourne Mosque Attack

    A man has gone skits at a mosque in Broadmeadows, in Melbourne’s outer North, today killing one and injuring 2 others in a stabbing frenzy during morning prayers. One of the injured is in a critical condition. It seems by the article the perpetrator attended the mosque earlier and refused...
  2. CAS79

    Current Norway bus hijack ends in triple homicide

    Details are still coming through but a man is in custody for the deaths of 3 people on along distance bus in Norway, the driver, A Swedish tourist who were both males in their 50s and a 19yo woman. It is believed the weapon was a knife. The man was captured by firefighters. Details are...
  3. CAS79

    Past Jeremy Laidler - retired 2017

    Patrick Keane has announced the Swans have lodged the paperwork. Jeremy Laidler is a swan.
  4. CAS79

    Goodes on living black

    Goodes profile and insight interview right now on NITV with Karla Grant.
  5. CAS79

    List Mgmt. Armstrong Delisted?

    This story is gaining traction with Mitch Cleary reporting that Armstrong will be delisted and picked up by Collingwood as a delisted free agenet. There is a broom going through the place this year.
  6. CAS79

    Current Serial Rapist Robert Fardon Release Imminent

    The Queensland Serial Rapist is likely to be released this afternoon after a judge has found fears that he will reoffend again were manageable. Queensland Supreme Court Justice Peter Lyons, Despite objections of the Queensland Attorney General, has found that ‘‘Adequate protection of the...
  7. CAS79

    Current How the FBI found Silk Road

    I’ve only ever heard mention of the existance of Silk Road or sites like it in bits and pieces before the announcement that the head of it had been apprehended. Though I am assured by a friend of mine that in terms of online drug trafficking this is a big fish get. This is certainly an...
  8. CAS79

    Current Marissa Alexander granted retrial – but not on stand your ground

    Rightly or wrongly this is another Florida case with stand your ground that has been brought up with the debate on the law itself, American Justice and apparent judicial racial prejudice. Marissa has been given leave to appeal on grounds the judge because the trial judge handling her case did...
  9. CAS79

    Current The Gympie Decapitation

    A body of a man last week was found near Gympie on Thursday, Decapitated, arms removed from the elbow down and the lower half of his body below the ribs. It appears the other body parts have not been found. Than appears to have been burned. Described by one homicide detective as the most...
  10. CAS79

    The Brownlow tipping thread

    Thought we might haver a little fun for Brownlow night. Taking a shot for pride Winner (10 points) Runner up (5 points) Top 5 Swans: 1 point for getting a player inm the top 5, A total of 5 points if there in the right spot. And if your really game leading player from each club. 1 point...
  11. CAS79

    Opinion Should we have finals at the SCG?

    Now that the AFL have clearly set the precedent with Geelong hosting Fremantle at Geelong and the theory of biggest ground available been good for the game to maximise numbers of neutrals has clearly been dispensed with. Isn't it time we had the right to host our home finals at our home ground...
  12. CAS79

    Current 6 year old has eyes cut out to steal his corneas Just wow. This is a crime there have been whispers of in China. We know about the prisoner organ trade and the stories of gambling and paying with organs but child kidnappings to remove the...
  13. CAS79

    Current The Chris Lane Thrill Kill

    At least ion Victoria many of us are following the case of Christopher Lane, The Melbourne Baseballer on scholarship to Oklahoma college who was shot in what appears to be nothing but a thrill kill by Oklahoma teenagers in the town of Duncan...
  14. CAS79

    Mod. Notice New Mod for the Swans Board

    Say hi to your new overload rwfan83 He joins the team as a spec mod for the time been as AG winds down his duties. An intelligent contributer to the swans board for a while he is a worthy choice. He'll be here to keep the opposition riff raff in line before upgrading to the card set later in...
  15. CAS79

    Current Pakenham Mother Murder

    A mother was found by her twin daughters bleeding heavily in her Pakenham home yesterday afternnon and died a few hours later. Police say they have ruled out the...
  16. CAS79

    Current Bradley Mannnig Verdict

    The military trial, much of which has taken place behind closed doors concluded last night bar the passing of sentence and while he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy he was found guilty of other charges including multiple espionage...
  17. CAS79

    Review 3 Things I learned against GWS take 2

    You know the drill 1: Barry Hall really does no longer like us at all. 2: Longmire still likes talls as subs 3:The Giants don't need Buddy, they need Scott Pendlebury.
  18. CAS79

    Solved Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    Controversial verdict in Florida as the jury find Zimmerman not guilty in the murder case of Trayvon Martin. There's possibly going to be a reaction to this from the black community after they feel Marissa...
  19. CAS79

    Bomb squad at US Embassy in Canberra

    A car has crashed into the gates at the US Embassy in Canberra and the surrounding roads have been closed and the bomb squad called in. It appears some level of evacuation has occurred and a 30 year old male is assisting with enquirers...
  20. CAS79

    News Michael O’Loughlin to coach the all indigenous team in international rules.

    Former Swans great Micky O to coach the indigenous all stars on their tour of Ireland. Micky’s been doing the ground work with the academy boys over the last few years and been...