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    Player Watch #20: Nick 'Souva' Larkey - '23 AA & '24 NM VC - plays game 100 v Hawthorn

    Yeah. I mean its a bloody blue moon when our forwards have space to lead into to get on the end a fairly uncontested kick.. to give him the benefit of the doubt.. maybe Larks just hasn't ever trained for it???? FFS
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    Player Watch #4: Aidan Corr

    Hmm ok thats a relief. Hopefully he can come in and have an impact straight away, we should be pushing for finals by then. Only thing tho, as I recall it took his old man some time to get to his final playing weight. Not to worry, by then they should have found the weights room that went missing...
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    Opinion Commentary & Media VII

    Today I had to listen to afl commentary, next time if it comes to this Il'll mute that and just listen to my know all nephew wank on about social issues instead. Apparently its taboo to mention the fact that the effectiveness of ones disposal is somehow related to the quality of the options...
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    Player Watch #11: Luke "Two Dogs" McDonald (Part II) - Roo til end '26 - 2023/24 co captain w/ Jy

    Wish he could start his career now under this management... and as a mid 2nd round pick. Nobody on this list puts their body on the line more than Luke. Can yoou imagine if he's there if/when we next take the cup? Would put Warnies efforts to shame.
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    Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke [Part II]

    Given the posession retention, or lack of, following his kicks.. could be a chance for Luke to re-aquaint himself with the humble handball. Ha, silly me that would mean this club could develope players.
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    Player Watch #4: Aidan Corr

    Do we still have "Blue Steel" Gibson on the payroll? Maybe he could remind Corrnhole that third man up involves actually spoiling the ******* ball. GeeeeeeZusss. Lets cross everything Arch imbeddded into his boy the joy it is Kill the pill and some fingers at the same time. Any chance Jackson...
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    Play Nice The NM Devil's Chessboard Thread - Part II

    I dunno, they could have just gone opened the bidding for their scientists and requested them to experiment until they found the most efficient substance to destroy half a city and 100000 civilians in one night and never mind bothering to create "targets". How many U.S citisens had the japs...
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    Preview Changes vs Brisvegas [In: Greenwood, Comben & Shiels / Out: Pink, Lazzaro & CCJ]

    HKRoo my nmfc brother, we've had a long stretch of mediocrity in the same sense that the 2019 HK protests achieved their long term goals. A turd is a turd
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    Player Watch #1: Hugh Greenwood

    He stays in, will you take a week off? Just curious, do you keep track of your punts?
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    Player Watch #33: Brayden 'Sausage' George

    On No.4. I dream of the opposite. Remember his early days when Sugar was taking marks 55m out from our grindhouse's patented rushed centre square hack clearance. The Dolph would hit BB once in a while from there and it was all so, so so. Put Sausage in his place, he can take a ping and we're...
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    Player Watch #6: George Wardlaw - two-time RS nominee ('23 &'24) - the Warlord - managed vs Hawthorn

    It looked like we kind of tried that early days under Shaw. With the same list but different instructions we were suddenly heaping enormous pressure on oppo ball carries. Zero corralling to be seen. Of course the boys didnt have the fitness to go for 4qtr's, and there's no guarantee of ultimate...
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    Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke [Part II]

    If he was playing unhampered (relatively) in the 2nd half its the samesame all or nothing mr blinkers. He needs to gel with this new midfield mix work some short hands and sheppards to get better quality exits. Not much point in all that tho if the fwds never work out how to be leading into space.
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    Player Watch #4: Aidan Corr

    Last Aiden we should go after for... i dunno, ever. The only thing he should be the corr of is an nhole
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    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn Stephenson - dropped vs Geelong & misses out again vs Hawthorn

    The only thing fast about him now is the rate of hair loss. I said the same 100 pages ago or so, can we all agree now? Or, is it just that by some fluke he keeps getting chased by the oppo's cheetah. His goal sense lives on so could still be a crumber but like LDU seems to have a hard time...
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    Player Watch #24: Tom Powell - signed thru 2026 - 7th highest ranked player league-wide after 3 rds - avg. 27.7d & 7clearances p/g

    Cunners would give a nod everytime Towelly (dont forget to bring him) kicks a sausage. The 2nd coming in that regard
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    Game Day Rd 1, 2024, GWS v North Melbourne (Bull 100 v Josh Kelly’s Dog’s 200 milestones) Gameday Thread

    Footys back! get some uncontested marks in the F50 and we'd be alright. North in action lets gooo! Also, * off any navy blue bullshit apparel
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    Past #26: Tarryn Thomas [Part III] - 18 week suspension confirmed; ineligible to play in '24 season; NMFC has officially sacked Tarryn.

    Anyone who has called it, his punishment is just or unjust, based on public info is acting the fool. Yous fooled yourselves. The few in here who maintain a stance of corporations gonna act in corporations interest and that doesnt inform us about much are to be congratulated imo. The fence aint...
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    Past #26: Tarryn Thomas [Part III] - 18 week suspension confirmed; ineligible to play in '24 season; NMFC has officially sacked Tarryn.

    This categorisation of human interactions is the ultimate bureaucratic efficiency bullshit. Genius conforming to grids.
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    Past #26: Tarryn Thomas [Part III] - 18 week suspension confirmed; ineligible to play in '24 season; NMFC has officially sacked Tarryn.

    when the world outside your personal fief delivers a joke and it bombs.. isn't a shoulder shrug the best response?
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    Past #26: Tarryn Thomas [Part III] - 18 week suspension confirmed; ineligible to play in '24 season; NMFC has officially sacked Tarryn.

    Oh, he re-offended while doing his course? Well I for one refuse to make judgement untill I see his course schedule. Could be he just wasn't up to that module yet? Curious minds want to know. I remember once I was a 2yr tiling apprentice and I was laying bluestone outdoors in changing weather...
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    Opinion Commentary & Media VII

    I e just waytched aLl of that and id forgot the ending but gkdda n mate if i didnt already like u we'd have a pdri coz we lost but wtf its a 3 sixty degree hall of fame noorth no way these blokes didnt want blood next time they met I wore my north tie to work in 99 and if Swatta hadda seen me...
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    Play Nice The NM Devils Chessboard thread.

    If anyone wants a good read on why Putin's Prince Oleg mention is both beautifully rediculous and perfectly on point, and other things, I'd suggest The Story of Russia: 'An excellent short study' : Figes, Orlando: Books probably available in a library near you.
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    Play Nice The NM Devils Chessboard thread.

    I dont see the "they use tunnels so they're no good" angle hitting much on western audiences. Everyone knows its the good guys who tunnel.
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    Strategy Draft assistance 2023 [Twomey: NMFC get #19 in 2023, x2 end of 1st rd picks in 2024, and x2 extra rookie list spots in 2024; no Sanders/#11]

    Muahahaha, you gays. I tickled my own privates thinking of Carey kids dominating.. above shoulders and below. Oppo sorries bleating two Jasmines are unfair or two sausage G's is one too many. Awwwwwwwwwww
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    Coach Alastair Clarkson - NMFC Senior Coach - Coaching & Football Discussion

    Cannot believe I logged in out of season but I must, SMaturin you person of impeccable taste, you know anything on the aussie release? I just checked all of my internets but only learned that its likely to be available on netflix aus at some point in 2024. Ghibli at the cinema would have me...
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    Player Watch #20: Nick 'Souva' Larkey - '23 AA & '24 NM VC - plays game 100 v Hawthorn

    Its somehow poetic that at the end of a long, draining, unfulfilling but neverless entertaining session.. its the Big Souva that brings the long night to a satisfying end. Paint on our shiny diamond
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    Bumped We don't play footy to lose - autopsy vs Gold Coast

    Ambivalent: having or showing simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward something or someone When finding oneself in this situation it's best to just look at those closest to the action and run with their vibe. It wont make things any worse and you could have a good time. Does...
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    Past #26: Tarryn Thomas [Part II] - will honor his contract and play on at NMFC in 2024, so says the reality TV manager

    TT. Triple Threat. Hands, Feet, Hugs. Hope he plays 250 more with us, and his well parented kids do too.
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    Player Watch #40: Eddie Ford

    Tip of the Lid. Edddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy