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  1. x_les_x


    Respectfully congratulations on making the granny please win i wouldnt be able to stand oliver as premiership player. All credit to your team and bevo tonight. Came with a plan for Aliir, Lycett and Naughton excecuted to perfection. Then your players to excecute such precise skill and toughness...
  2. x_les_x

    Autopsy Dogs lose to Tigers - Rd 7, 2021

    For the sake of sanity can you please never play Schache at AFL level again. Shits himself when he has the ball on the wing and loses 3 straight ruck contests against Pickett
  3. x_les_x

    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 3 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    What happened to Roberts? You guys had a formidable spine with hamling and roberts in 2016.Thought you were set for a while. Did he suffer being the sole key back; is he more of a third defender?
  4. x_les_x

    Toast Welcome aboard Jackson Trengove

    Please please please take care of him. He is a great clubman and will fly the flag for his team. Dont be suprised to see him first in a few fracas. Ive met him quite a few times hes a gentle soul and a really good person. With his leadership and experience i think he can add a lot to your team...
  5. x_les_x

    Game Day Round 15, Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs, SCG, 4.35pm

    Sorry for the intrusion guys just wanted to wish you guys luck today in particular clay smith. Will be watching him with intrigue; Cruel run with injuries but has the potential to be a star if he can stay on the park. All the best
  6. x_les_x

    Strategy Changes vs Carlton

    Followed Daniel in his draft year absolute jet of a player. Hopefully he shows to all other 16 clubs (port started our picks later in the draft) what they missed out on and prove that pint sized players can make it. Really wanted him at alberton but as stated before we started the draft too late...