1. BallaratBulldog

    2021 Membership Thread

    The following is getting rolled out via email - I think it would be smart to have the thread going again to have information in one spot because 2021 will be different to others for many reasons and will probably generate some questions.
  2. BenBronx

    Fitzroy Membership Numbers (1990-1996)

    Does anybody have the yearly membership numbers for Fitzroy from 1990-1996? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. K

    Interstate memberships and club package

    Hi all, I am doing a university assignment where I am comparing interstate memberships in comparison to the West Coast Eagles interstate membership for people who live in Victoria, however, every single interstate club has updated their websites and I cannot find anywhere the prices for...
  4. K

    MCC Membership nomination form

    G’day guys! New to the forums here!! My son and i are avid melbourne supporters and cricket lovers and would to put our names down on the mcc waiting list. (Eventhough it may take a long time) However we are struggling to find anyone willing to be our proposer and seconder for the application...
  5. J

    sydney membership price history

    wondering if anyone has swans membership price history, like the application forms, over the past 5-10 years? Much appreciated if it could be sourced. trying to do a Year 12 project
  6. J

    GWS membership price history

    wondering if anyone has GWS membership price history, like the application forms, over the past 5-10 years? 2018 prices are below. 2018 Prices Much appreciated if it could be sourced. trying to do a Year 12 project.
  7. BallaratBulldog

    2019 Membership

    Time to start rolling for next year. Renewels start now. The Western Bulldogs is a place like no other. A place where the team is more powerful than the individual. Where being authentic, humble, passionate, selfless and respectful are values to live by. Where there is a sense of belonging, and...
  8. Canberra Magpie

    2019 Membership Chat

    I couldn't find a thread on all things 2019 membership, so figured I would create one. A fantastic year for our club, all things considered. Going down in the GF by less than a kick hurts, but I think our club will be better for it next season. I'll be looking to upgrade my interstate...
  9. BallaratBulldog

    2018 membership Ideally we would want to hit 50,000 this year but could possibly be floating around 40,000 - 45,000 with another poor season. But hope not! Sale and renewal can start due process. Now with an apparent "price freeze" in effect.
  10. BallaratBulldog

    2017 Membership - The March Towards 50k!

    And just like that it won't be long until we can keep track of 2017 Tally. You would have gotten a email recently if you wanted to pick a cap, scarf, beanie or donate back to the club when you renew. An action they have done based on feedback. Seem to have a new membership portal in the...
  11. M

    Non Victorian Members

    Hey guys, I couldnt find another section for this, but if there is, sorry. I am an SA member, and had a panic attack on Tuesday that I had not heard about tickets for the game here in Adelaide given that it is only a couple of weeks away (16Jul). So I called the club and they said that it had...