Top 40 draft prospects to watch in 2017

Who are the young guns to keep an eye on this year?

Which players are out of contract at your club?

Some BIG signatures are up for grabs in 2017.

Most Popular of 2016


Follow the 2016-17 Big Bash League on BigFooty

Still a few months until the footy, so we're getting stuck into the BBL.

All the New AFL Jumper Numbers for 2017

Who will be lining up with a new number on their back in 2017?

The NAB Challenge is Now the JLT Series; and the Fixture is Out

We're off to Coffs Harbour, Narrandera, Mount Gambier, Bendigo, Moe, Mackay and more.

Ablett Signals the End Could Be Near

Could 2017 be the last we see of Gazza?

How Experienced is Your AFL Club in 2017?

No more retirement home jokes for North Melbourne.

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    The mob is rabid. The mount Buller demons are demanding that RU_ fully hand over the captaincy to Van_Dyke or they'll tear the snowdome down. But a hero enters to save the day. View attachment 327879 cats2rise : my friends, Stop! Sure we could tear this club down. Angry demons: yeah Cats2rise: No my friends […]
  • 2017 - Preseason Training #2089
    I thought I'd add a quick report today as I arrived late and saw a ton of clearance and match sim play, but not the skill stuff at the start of the session. I don't want to accused of being too positive, but today the skills in match sims were awesome. Johno dominated and looks […]
  • 2017 Non Crows AFL Discussion Thread #854
    Doctor BA high end Melbourne fashion photographer called Peter Coulson found one of his photos on a Nena Pasadena (Buddy Franklin is a co-owner) t-shirt, he contacted them and they said he should feel privileged they were using it, he said he was going to his lawyers, they then offered him $200! He demanded that […]
  • 2017 Non Crows AFL Discussion Thread #785
    Taking photos since 1870 FR0GGY 17 likes Adelaide
  • Number of games Victorian teams are playing in Melbourne in 2017 Season #16
    Always BallinIn the tier of game types it goes; 1 - True Home Games 2 - Neutral Games 3 - True Away Games It is true that Interstate teams have more true home games, but they also have more true away games. Victorian teams trade off tier 1 and tier 3 games for tier 2 […]