AFL draft

Every Team’s Draft Position Ranked After Trade Period

It's going to be a quiet night for the Hawks.

Trade Wrap: The ‘Absolute Bloody Chaos’ Edition

Just the 22 players finding new homes today.

Trade Wrap: The Floodgates Have Opened

Finally! Trades! Sweet, sweet trades.

Junk Time

Trade Wrap: The ‘You Guys Know There’s Only Two Days Left, Right?’ Edition

O'Meara done? Nope. Prestia? Nope. Gibbs? Nope. Hibberd? Nope.

Updated 2016 AFL Free Agent List

Which AFL free agents would you like your team to chase?

That Time Melbourne Traded Shane Woewodin Without Telling Him

The 'Sam Mitchell trade' of the early 2000s.

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  • Trade and List Management thread 3(...the dedicated to the rights and wrongs of Jong. Edition)
    immortalmike said: ↑ Remember when it was a FACT that Koby Stevens was going to Essendon in the PSD? The immortalmike remembers...Click to expand... Jesse hogan a certainty to go to freo was better! Part 2 :
  • #standdowneddie
    This latest debacle is massive..... He knew Gubby was under investigation and hired anyway and in the process, shafted Balme. It now looks likely that Gubby will get banned which is on Ed. Is it time we look at alternatives? EDIT: For context.
  • 2016 Trade and Free Agency Targets Part 4 - Steele, Brown, Stevens & some pick upgrades!
    This single trade is a defining moment for our Club . I applaud you Bains and team . Interesting to see if pick 50 and a player gets rolled back into a 1st rounder . Continuation of
  • Big Fish of 2017...
    I know I know, it's early days but I couldn't help myself. The writing's on the wall. With all our veterans leaving/retiring, we will have a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a big fish at the end of 2017. Fyfe, Dusty, Shiel, Rocky to name a few. Personally, I would love to see […]
  • 2017 Fixture leaks and discussion
    Full fixture to be released on Thursday. Apart from playing the Carlspoons again in Round 1 and us not having as many Friday night's we don't know much. We will definitely get an easier draw though due to being complete shit this year Leaks and discussion in here