MRP: Brisbane defender set to miss start of season

Four other players were fined from the first round of the JLT Series.

The Squiggle returns for 2017!

One of BigFooty's favourite threads returns for another year, the best premiership predictor around is here!

Most Popular of 2016

NBL Finals: Will the league get it right?

The fierce rivalry between the Perth Wildcats and the New Zealand Breakers may be heading for its strangest chapter yet, courtesy of the amazingly even 2016-17 NBL season.
AFL Women's

Building the AFLW, the Women’s Footy League

What does the success of the WBBL mean for the new AFL Women's league?

BigFooty’s AFL pre-season training reports

Who's tearing up the track at each club?

Top 40 draft prospects to watch in 2017

Who are the young guns to keep an eye on this year?

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    Fantastic amenities and nice of Steve Rosich to come over and explain what was happening to the group of watchers.. The supporters viewing will be a grassed area in front of the pool section with stairs up to the cafe, coffee shop with a viewing ares up there. The players area is huge and takes […]