Top 40 draft prospects to watch in 2017

Who are the young guns to keep an eye on this year?

Which players are out of contract at your club?

Some BIG signatures are up for grabs in 2017.

Most Popular of 2016


Follow the 2016-17 Big Bash League on BigFooty

Still a few months until the footy, so we're getting stuck into the BBL.

All the New AFL Jumper Numbers for 2017

Who will be lining up with a new number on their back in 2017?

The NAB Challenge is Now the JLT Series; and the Fixture is Out

We're off to Coffs Harbour, Narrandera, Mount Gambier, Bendigo, Moe, Mackay and more.

Ablett Signals the End Could Be Near

Could 2017 be the last we see of Gazza?

How Experienced is Your AFL Club in 2017?

No more retirement home jokes for North Melbourne.

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  • 2017 - Preseason Training #2247
    just few random thoughts. I have been to 4 or 5 training sessions this season. Other years the open training have been less intense, but today was almost a normal day at the office. If Hamling plays as well as he trains we have very good stopper and Dawson is playing for Peel. I can […]
  • What you imagine fellow Adelaide posters to look like.... #2274
    No worries Slippery Pete. Here's an exclusive interview with marty36 dude316 24 likes Adelaide
  • Pre-season Training 2017 #3662
    Training today. Long session went for the best part of 3 hours with no specific fitness work - just skills, structures and match sim training. Broken down it went like this : Warmup - Stretches, light run throughs and 20m kick to kick to a stationary target at first then moving around Set shot goal […]
  • Melb CBD incident #334
    The Police try and "box him in" near Flinders St and he hits the accelerator and plows into the watching crowd and it's their fault. They don't do this and this deranged person takes off and does something unheard of in this state and some still think they're to blame? You realise that policing isn't […]
  • Melb CBD incident #285
    ClokesShankedItLooks like a member of Vicpol has put down his newspaper to reply to me. Apologies for the interruption. I'm no expert, but I have money taken out of my paycheck and given to people who are meant to be the experts and keep the streets safe. That clearly hasn't happened today. If vicpol had […]