All the New AFL Jumper Numbers for 2017

Who will be lining up with a new number on their back in 2017?

How Experienced is Your AFL Club in 2017?

No more retirement home jokes for North Melbourne.

Junk Time

Win $2000 in the BigFooty Draft Tipping Competition

Think you can predict the entire first round correctly?

Which Draft Prospect is the Best Sledger?

Who do the game's hottest prospects think will go at #1? And who is their dream Brownlow date?

Introducing the 2016 Consensus Phantom Draft

Who goes where when we combine ALL the Phantom Drafts?

All the New AFL Guernseys for 2017

How's your team looking for 2017? Actually looking.

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  • Matchday 14 - Now with eastern time.
    View attachment 313981 Eastern time is Beastern time as we all know.
  • Number Changes For 2017 [UPDATED: 23/11/16]
    Hey lads, I know this is early but since we don't have much to crow home about and we could all do with some fun banter and discussion I thought I'd jump on early with the 'Number Changes For 2017' thread. I'll keep updating the available number's as the changes happen and in this thread […]
  • Keep the Tewwadome pure!
    I've noticed that some posters have been jeopardizing the lovely inclusiveness of this beautiful place by talking about that most divisive of subjects- footy! This is sure to lead to non antidiversity type behavior. I suggest anyone doing so stop it immediately, as they are being both a dissapointment to themselves and a burden to […]
  • Happy Birthday Norfenlights!
    Happy Birthday NorthernLights friend! Post your birthday wishes below.
  • Highest number worn in an AFL game...
    I believe somebody from Collingwood wore 65 in the mid 80's... can anybody (Mobbenfuhrer, maybe) confirm this?