I’ve done it. I’ve tipped the Tiges.

Not only that, finalising my DreamTeam, I realised I have four Richmond players in there – Martin, Cotchin, Lids and Jack Riewoldt – four! FOUR!

There’s no denying the Tigers hype at the moment. And the vast majority of neutrals are behind them. Everyone wants the Tigers up and about, just not against our own mobs.

One of the reasons Geelong’s premierships were welcomed with relative grace by the rest of the footy world was the fact that they were the proverbial Good News story. Forty plus years without a flag, heartbreaking Grand Final losses, the tale was beautiful when they finally saluted.

And now the Tigers appear to be building something genuine for the first time since Mick Malthouse was playing for them. They’ve got genuine young guns in Martin and Cotchin. Riewoldt is a match winning glamour forward. They recruited wisely for position in getting big Maric.

Damien Hardwick seems like the real deal as coach and the fans are getting behind the club in a huge way, recording enormous membership figures.

Even Caro Wilson’s naked partisan cheering of them can’t turn me off the Tiger bandwagon.

But I know what can. A merciless flogging at the hands of the Blues, because, well, we’ve been here before haven’t. Remember the Benny Cousins (I would have got a quote but I believe he is currently indisposed) game? How all the build up was there, the new Tiges. Then Cuzzy twanged a hammy and they got pumped.

I honestly don’t think the Tiges will get that kind of spirit and season destroying belting tonight. In fact, I think they will win. (Der, that’s why I tipped them). I was at Princes Park the other week when North did over Carlton and the Blues look flat. Judd is still not right, the shoulder is clearly hampering him.

In particular, the Blues had trouble dealing with big Drew Petrie, which bodes well for Riewoldt, and when classy North midfielders who can kick a goal like Wells and Harvey got going, again, the Blues seemed to have no answer. Dustin Martin will be vital.

But geez, the Blues are still a good side. They won’t be a pushover.

I just hope for once the Tigers can deliver on the hype. The moment is there for the taking. A win tonight would give them enormous self-belief for the season, and really, years ahead.

And best of all, we’d get to hear the song twice.

Go Tiges.