BRISBANE LIONS     3.2    5.6    6.10    8.11  (59)
GOLD COAST            0.5    3.7    4.10    5.18  (48)

It was ugly, it was dour and it was sloppy, but eventually, it was the result the Brisbane Lions were after as they kicked two late goals to claim an 11-point victory over the Suns.

The Suns let a stack of opportunities go to waste in the final term – 15 inside 50s resulted in a solitary goal, but for a period it looked like it would still be enough. More than several missed shots – some very simple – meant that Gold Coast eked out a lead with less than five minutes left in the game.

The game could have, should have been all but over, but their wastefulness allowed the Lions a second chance, and it was all they needed.

Tom Rockliff marked in the goalsquare with three minutes remaining and converted before Rohan Bewick sealed it with an easy goal in the dying moments.

It means the Suns have yet to win at Metricon Stadium, a losing streak that has now reached 16, despite them having several honourable losses at the venue in 2012.

In many ways, it was a step forward for the club, as they have experienced for the first time what it feels like to have a victory snatched away at the last gasp. The experience from this could prove to be immeasurable, but for now, the feeling of desperate disappointment would be difficult to shake.

Gary Ablett was named the Marcus Ashcroft Medallist for his 37 disposals, nine tackles, nine clearances and a goal; but even he suffered when in front of goal, missing some vital chances as the game wore on.


3 – Tom Rockliff (Brisbane)

2 – Gary Ablett (Gold Coast)

1 – Daniel Merrett (Brisbane)

Brisbane Lions:
 Redden 2, Merrett, Cornelius, Brown, Polkinghorne, Rockliff, Bewick
Gold Coast: Brennan, Lynch, Ablett, Caddy, Bennell

Brisbane Lions:
 Rockliff, Merrett, Redden, Yeo, Hanley, Black
Gold Coast: Ablett, Prestia, Dixon, McKenzie, Bennell

Brisbane Lions: 
Gold Coast: Nil

Brisbane Lions:
 Rohan Bewick replaced Josh Drummond at three-quarter time
Gold Coast: Liam Patrick replaced Josh Hall in the third quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Armstrong, Ryan, Jeffery

Official crowd: 16,550 at the Metricon Stadium