Essendon v Collingwood

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Saturday September 1, 7.40pm

Collingwood have a top 4 chance on the line when the meet their old rivals Essendon who have all but stopped.

This game is the most influential game of the round, its outcome will determine who makes wheather or not West Coast or Collingwood will finish in 4 th. If  Collingwood wins and the Eagles win Collingwood will finish 5th but if Collingwood win and the Eagles don’t then it will be the Magpies the seize the double chance.

Essendon will want to spoil the part but will need a big turn around in form. Last week they were embarrassed again, this time it was Richmond by 45 points. They are limping to the line and will just want this week to be over.

The Pies are hardly in good form themselves. Despite sitting 5th their last two losses are indicative of their form. Their 30 point loss to North Melbourne and 49 point loss West Coast last week were pathetic and they need to turn their form around by Friday.

Collingwood Will Want To See…

The Pies must win, their task come finals  is already difficult enough, if they miss out on top 4 it will become nigh impossible.

Another week has passed and yet again the two big forwards Cloke and Dawes failed to get the job done. It is sounding like a broken record but they need to be at least half competitive otherwise all hope is lost for Collingwood and its premiership push.

Finally Collingood would love to see a solid first game back form Andrew Krakouer. He has been out all season and Pies fans are hoping he can bring back that X factor that they  have been missing.

Essendon Will Want To See…

The Bombers would love to rain on Collingwood’ s parade, winning and  delivering a huge blow to their finals chances would be a welcome consultation prize.

Their injuries have also provided them the opportunity to blood some youngsters. The likes of Mark Baguley and Nick O’Brien have played in their first  few games at the end of  the year. Collingwood is just another team that they will provide them with valuable experience to carry into the next few years.


Essendon would love to spoil the party but their year is over. They are decimated by injury and limping to the line. They just don’t have an upset left in them.

Collingwood are far from flag favourites, but they should be able to play well enough to get over the line.

Collingwood by 15