(Press Release)

Hi Sports Fans, We’ve partnered with Hahn Super Dry this month – They’re out with a great new beer pioneering round campaign called Hahn Super Dry – Pioneering Beer Rounds.

Hahn are out with two super informative videos on pub etiquette

  1. How to spot a beer round dodger
  2. How to get to the bar quickly and get served first

Here are tips on spotting the beer round dodger:

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Their ideas around Pioneering Beer Rounds offer great ways to get to the bar quickly and they have a video out reviewing the different types of beer round dodgers. There are three types:

  1. The Columbus – the guy who buys the first round then no more rounds.
  2. The Round Shark – the guy who moves from group to group to get free rounds
  3. The Round Dodger – the guy who refuses outright to buy rounds.

Funny stuff. Tips on identifying the beer round dodger and loads of techniques there for beating your mates to the bar… plus a few techniques you’d never ever try.