Another Big Footy phantom draft straight off the press! This time it’s D_P_S who we have been following for a while now. This is his most in depth look at the draft yet.

“Hello everyone and welcome to my edition of the 2018 Phantom Draft, many who have watched my Draft Watch thread would have seen my Rolling Mock Draft which was a bit of fun trying to predict who clubs would take using a combination of hearsay and my own personal views, what ive done different for this years Phantom Draft is that im going completely with my own personal views, just because the media and general public believe a certain player should go in a certain position means nothing for this draft so what im doing isnt an attempt to predict how this year draft will go more so what it should have ended up looking by the end of it.

I feel this is a better way to do my phantom this year as live trading could make any phantom to come out not even close to the real thing so why not have some fun going completely of my own views, so a few little bullet points below as to how this phantom will go

– This is the whole National Draft

– No mature age players included counting only 19 year olds

– Upgraded rookies are not included

– Available list spots is something i could have i could have put more time into but if their is any issue its too late to change so just imagine that late pick isnt taken if you want :p– The picks you see will be very different to the official order, this is because of player bids and residual picks so please keep this in mind i dont want to have to explain myself on this

– Player profiles and reasoning will be saved for Club review posts below the draft, i wont go too in depth with profiles as ill put a link to AFL Draft Central’s profiles with every player included here having a profile on their site.