Charlie Comben, a young key forward for the North Melbourne AFL team, is once again facing a lengthy stint on the sidelines after a horrific incident during the team’s game against Melbourne.

Comben, who is only 21 years old, appeared to have suffered a broken leg in the first quarter of the match after an awkward landing during an aerial contest with Melbourne defender Jake Lever. The game was stopped soon after as the stretcher was called to assist Comben from the field.

This latest injury is just one of many setbacks that Comben has faced in his young career. The Gippsland Power product has been limited to just eight games since being selected at pick 31 in the 2019 national draft due to a string of injuries. Despite these setbacks, Comben remains determined to succeed and make a name for himself in the sport.

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Commentators expressed their concern for Comben and his future in the sport. “Charlie Comben has hurt himself really badly down there,” said Luke Darcy on Channel 7 as play continued momentarily. “He’s unfortunately had a whole series of injuries that have been devastating for him right throughout his career, and we’re just hoping this isn’t as bad as it looked initially. It’s just a horror start this all around.”

Comben had been playing in every game under Alistair Clarkson and had scored 4.8 goals for the young key forward. However, this latest injury puts his future on hold once again. North Melbourne’s general manager of football Todd Viney confirmed that Comben was immediately taken to hospital, but could not confirm whether he had a broken leg. “From what I understand, it is not positive, but I can’t confirm it is a broken leg,” Viney told Seven Network at half-time. “He will be frustrated. He has had a really terrible run with injuries in the early part of his career. He had a really good pre-season, so he would be devastated, no doubt.”

This latest injury is a devastating blow to Comben and his team, who were already struggling with injuries and form going into the game. However, North Melbourne coach David Noble remained optimistic and praised Comben’s resilience in the face of adversity. “Charlie’s had a tough run and he’s got resilience,” Noble said. “We’ll continue to support him, work with him, and see how he goes over the next little while.”

Despite the setback, Comben’s teammates and fans rallied around him, showing their support on social media and sending messages of encouragement. Comben himself remained positive, posting a message on Instagram thanking everyone for their support and promising to come back stronger.

Our thoughts are with Charlie Comben and his family during this difficult time, and we hope that he can make a full recovery and return to the sport he loves soon.