AFL to NFL Patrick Murtagh
AFL to NFL Patrick Murtagh

Patrick Murtagh, a former player for the Gold Coast Suns, is making waves in the sports world as he transitions from Australian rules football to American football. At just 23 years old, Murtagh has been added to the Detroit Lions’ roster through the NFL International Player Pathway (IPP) program. Unlike most Australian players who make the switch to the NFL as punters, Murtagh is set to play as a tight end, a role that combines blocking and receiving.

Murtagh’s journey to the NFL is nothing short of remarkable. He spent three years with the Suns before being delisted in 2022. However, his athletic prowess isn’t limited to football; he was also a state decathlon champion. After leaving the Suns, he tried out for the IPP program and succeeded, joining seven other international players. These players, hailing from Nigeria and France, have been assigned to teams in either the NFC North or AFC West divisions.

The Detroit Lions now have the option to keep Murtagh on their practice squad using an exemption or elevate him to their active roster. This presents a significant opportunity for the young athlete to make a name for himself in American football. His unique skill set, honed in the AFL, could offer a fresh perspective and new tactics to the Lions’ game plan.

Murtagh’s transition is noteworthy not just for his individual achievement but also for what it represents in the broader context of sports. He follows in the footsteps of Jordan Mailata, another Australian who successfully transitioned from rugby to American football. Mailata is now an offensive line starter for the Philadelphia Eagles and even played in the Super Bowl last season. His advice to newcomers like Murtagh is to “enjoy and respect the process, give it everything you’ve got, and embrace the opportunity.”

The IPP program itself is a testament to the growing international appeal of American football. By providing a pathway for athletes from various sports backgrounds and countries, the NFL is expanding its talent pool and increasing its global reach. Programs like IPP not only offer opportunities for athletes but also enrich the league by bringing in diverse skills and perspectives.

Murtagh’s story is an inspiring example of how hard work and seizing opportunities can lead to unexpected and rewarding paths. As he prepares for the next chapter in his athletic career, he carries with him the hopes of aspiring athletes who dream of crossing over into new sports domains. Whether or not he makes it to the active roster, his journey is a significant milestone in the ongoing dialogue between different sports cultures.

His potential success in the NFL could serve as a catalyst for more Australian athletes to consider making the transition to American sports, thereby strengthening the ties between these two sporting cultures. As the lines between different sports continue to blur, athletes like Patrick Murtagh are at the forefront, proving that with dedication and a willingness to adapt, the sky is the limit.