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Much like fans of other sports, people with an interest in the Australian Football League tend to soak up various forms of media dedicated to it. Whether it’s with a listen of a highly-rated podcast or through a football-related YouTube binge, AFL fans are a passionate lot who like to keep tabs on the various developments within the sport and explore the resources that can keep them firmly in the know.

Thankfully, in the modern environment, AFL enthusiasts aren’t short on options either. Some productions are put together by world-famous television networks; others are hosted by knowledgeable fans with a passion for the sport, and we’re even seeing ex-players share their experiences and provide a fascinating insight into one of Australia’s biggest sports.

Whether you’re keen to follow the very best accounts on Instagram or you’re looking for an entertaining YouTube channel to watch weekly, let’s assess some of the most useful resources for AFL fans right now.

Podcasts are a great option

Podcasts are an offering you can listen to in the car during a long journey or while commuting to work in the mornings. Many fans of Aussie Rules prefer podcasts. Some productions offer in-depth analysis that can assist you when it comes to betting on AFL, and others provide opinion-based material that can come in handy for any heated debates with friends and family. There is a wide range of excellent podcasts to look at here.

Easily one of the leading options, Triple M Rocks Footy AFL is a production that features some of the biggest names in the game. With broadcasting legends and iconic players from some of the biggest teams appearing on the podcast, it’s always a fascinating listen containing controversial opinions and plenty of comical value. Alternatively, if Triple M Rocks Footy AFL is a podcast you’ve listened to previously, then AFL Daily is another viable offering. Boasting absorbing content from Nat Edwards and Damian Barrett, the pair do a remarkable job of covering the sport in extensive detail, but in a fun and educational manner. Likewise, Footyology is hosted by another pair of in-the-know footie fans. Rodney ‘Rocket’ Eade certainly knows his stuff, while respected journalist Rohan Connolly is another authoritative voice.


Other podcasts worth listening to includes The Game: AFL Podcast with Quarters & Barra, The AFL SuperCoach Podcast, AFL Nation, and Gettable.

The best AFL websites

If you prefer to surf the web to gain insight into the AFL, then there are a plethora of trusted online destinations you can check out. DT Talk is certainly one of them, a site that offers plenty of laughs while also focusing on fantasy news and tips. SuperCoachTalk is another website diehard fans regularly explore, particularly when looking for in-depth analysis and unmissable tips that you probably won’t get anywhere else. Zero Hanger is also worth checking out, especially if you’re wanting to read a blog with a good reputation in the space. It contains a lot of useful content for fans to get stuck into, from team statistics and contracts, to live scores and opinion-based articles.

Other excellent AFL websites include FanFooty, AFL – The Roar, AFL official website, and Squiggle.

YouTube is a go-to resource for many

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Given society’s reliance on video-based content these days, YouTube is a preference for many AFL fans. There are some fantastic YouTube channels that serve up strong doses of Aussie Rules action and provide another captivating form of media for lovers of the sport to treat themselves to. There are also so many enticing productions to get through on YouTube, although saturation on the platform has also led to some rather forgetful offerings. We’re only honing in on the best of the best here, though, with channels like True Footy deserving far more attention. A channel that also offers a podcast, uploads are generally around analysis and a weekly tipping show that seems to go down well with the channel’s subscribers. Fox Footy is another safe pick here, with official media interviews being shown, enthralling debates taking place, and loads more. Also, CARDMAN 22 is a YouTuber worth following, particularly given the unique content he tends to share. Vlogs, challenges, predictions, and tier makers are prominently featured, although the diverse nature of his content makes the channel worth keeping tabs on.

Other YouTube channels to watch includes AFL Women’s, The Centre Bounce, Footy on Nine, AFL, and AFL Draft Expert.

The top social media accounts to follow

Although you can also download apps, which is something many of the aforementioned recommendations have created and they’re worth looking at, social media is a such a powerful tool in the modern world. As such, it’s a commonly explored area for Aussie Rules connoisseurs as they can follow updates with ease from the smartphone devices we’ve all become so reliant on.

In terms of Instagram, AFL Players is a superb account to follow as the official account of the AFL Players’ Association. With everything on there, from quotes from players to any latest news, it’s an excellent resource. If you’re keen on following any players, though, then Mason Cox is an account to consider, although players like Bailey Smith are also on there.

If Instagram isn’t for you, then X, formerly known as Twitter, might be. AFL Fantasy is definitely one of the best options here, especially for anyone who enjoys news and advice from traders and anything else AFL fantasy related. The official AFL page is another account you simply have to endorse, particularly if you’re wanting up-to-date, unrivalled coverage. 7AFL, Fantasy Freako, Callum Twomey, Sarah Olle, Martin Pegan, and FanFooty also deserve a mention.