Sydney Swans vs Melbourne Demons Opening Round

Thursday March 7, 7:30pm at the SCG


B: L. Melican, T. McCartin, D. Rampe
HB: N. Blakey, O. Florent, J. Lloyd
C: J. McInerney, Ch.Warner, E. Gulden
HF: I. Heeney, L. McDonald, J. Amartey
F: T. Papley, H. McLean, W. Hayward
FOLL: B. Grundy, J. Jordon, J. Rowbottom

I/C: B. Campbell, M. Roberts, H. Cunningham, S. Wicks, R. Fox
EMG: A. Sheldrick, P. Ladhams, Co.Warner


B: B. Howes, S. May, J. Lever
HB: J. McVee, A. Tomlinson, C. Salem
C: E. Langdon, C. Petracca, T. Rivers
HF: J. Viney, J. Schache, J.van Rooyen
F: A. Neal-Bullen, B. Fritsch, C. Spargo
FOLL: M. Gawn, T. Sparrow, C. Oliver

I/C: C. Windsor, J. Billings, B. Laurie, J. Bowey, K. Chandler
EMG: T. McDonald, T. Fullarton, T. Woewodin

As the 2024 AFL season prepares to unfurl its banners, the sporting world turns its eager gaze towards a blockbuster opening clash that promises to set the tone for the months ahead. The Sydney Swans and Melbourne Demons, two titans of the game, are poised to lock horns in what aficionados and casual observers alike anticipate will be a thrilling spectacle. This isn’t just a game; it’s the heralding of a new era, an opening symphony in the grand concert that is the Australian Football League season.

In the heart of Sydney, the atmosphere is electric, charged with the palpable excitement of fans who have been counting down the days, hours, and minutes to this moment. The Swans, with their storied history and a trophy cabinet that sparkles with silverware, are not just playing for points; they’re playing for pride, for legacy, for the very soul of the city that pulses to the rhythm of their victories. The team, a blend of seasoned veterans whose names have become etched in the annals of AFL greatness and young guns ready to make their mark, stands on the cusp of what could be another memorable campaign.

Across the field, the Melbourne Demons carry the weight of expectation like a badge of honor. This is a team that knows the taste of success, having scaled the AFL summit and etched their name in glory. Yet, for them, the past is merely prologue, a chapter in their epic tale that spurs them on to greater heights. The Demons, with a squad that boasts some of the most exciting talent in the league, are a force of nature, a tempest that threatens to sweep aside all who stand in their way.

As the sun sets on the eve of the clash, the stage is set for a confrontation that is about more than just four quarters of football. It is a battle of philosophies, a contest of heart against heart, where every tackle is a statement, every goal a verse in the poetry of the game. The Sydney Swans and Melbourne Demons are not just playing for the accolades that come with victory; they are playing for the very essence of Australian football.

This opening round is a beacon, calling to fans far and wide, a reminder of why this sport captures the imagination like no other. It’s a celebration of skill, of courage, of the indomitable spirit that defines the AFL. As the players take to the field, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of millions, embarking on a journey that will be filled with moments of magic, heartbreak, and, ultimately, triumph.

This is not just a game; it’s the beginning of a saga. The Sydney Swans versus Melbourne Demons isn’t merely a match; it’s a chapter in the grand story of the AFL, a narrative that will captivate, enthral, and inspire. As the new season dawns, one thing is certain: the world of Australian Rules Football is about to be set ablaze with a spectacle that will be remembered for ages to come.