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    Player Watch Pick #16 (2016) - Todd Marshall

    The problem with the 2017 EF was not Todd over Trengove, it was Impey over Trengove. The 2020 PF we'd have done better with Westhoff over Lycett, not Marshall.
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    Opinion International Geopolitics

    That's one of the ironies of the abortion debate. There's usually a big overlap on the circles of a Venn diagram of Racists and Anti-Abortionists. Yet African-American's are(/were) more likely to use abortion services. By making abortions harder they will see down the track an increase in crime...
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    Welcome: Which games do you have or want?

    A couple of the wife’s Kickstarters arrived. Dandelions, a quick game where you are, shockingly, Dandelions trying to multiply. Villagers with Shifting seasons expansion is the one more looking forward to playing.
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    Opinion Domestic Politics BF style

    I think the one with this is only in the cases where it's a clear cut crime done, that no one can dispute they've got the offender, rather than 'balance of probabilities'. Ie. public crime captured by camera(s) clearly identifying the person(s) with no doubt or DNA evidence AND a confession. An...
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    AFL Falling Crowd Numbers

    It's stupidity by the VFL. If ticket prices at Stadiums was the only or even main revenue source of the AFL then, sure, go classical economics of supply/demand. Ticket prices aren't the only source of stadium revenue. They get plenty from catering, where obviously a crowd of 50k brings in a s**t...
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    Opinion Sack Hinkley 5 - Lower The Blinds

    Odds he only gets 5 coaches votes as Hinkley won’t want to admit he’s an idiot?
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    Review Post game review v SUNS

    Well except for we’d have won easily with a ruck the game in isolation was good. More ‘ Todd sacrificed a goat and that’s why he’s great now, not the games he was backed in for’ posts will be fun, but this hurts the club. Hinkley feeling vindicated for no ruck and still in mathematical finals...
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    Opinion Sack Hinkley 5 - Lower The Blinds

    Ugg. Around for more time and will feel vindicated playing no Rucks, despite it clear we’d have won by a heap more if we’d played one.
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    Game Day ports vs SUNS

    Normally true, but since it would prolong the Ken regime we probably will.
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    Game Day ports vs SUNS

    Still time for pressure on Hinkley from a loss, plus more mental gymnastics from the anti-Todd brigade that he took a magic pill and all the earlier games he got were irrelevant.
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    Game Day ports vs SUNS

    Excellent, we need something to get the Ken blowhards in the media questioning him.
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    Opinion Changes vs Gold Coast

    This is possibly the thing that shits me most about Hinkley, even more than his lack of a game plan and PTSD against anyone over 185cm from a basketballer having touched him inappropriately as a kid*. Now if the likes of Motlop, Jonas, Lycett had gotten us to a couple of flags, then I could see...
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    Mega Thread Port Forum General AFL Thread Part 22

    Jobe made the wrong decision on supplements and didn’t stand up and protect his players as Captain. Tim Watson was the one person with enough pull to make Essendon tell what the hell happened and picked the club over his own sons current and future health. He is scum.
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    Opinion Changes vs Gold Coast

    I’m sure Burgoyne and Schofield to drop out tomorrow, just to whack us over the head after rubbing a s**t sandwich in our faces. You could ask a crows fan to pick our side and they’d struggle to find a worse combination of balance to win and inability to get games into younger players for the...
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    Mega Thread Port Forum General AFL Thread Part 22

    Smart phones letting anyone on easily was the tipping point.