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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    Express is just over 3 hours.
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    I found accommodation in Boston ridiculously expensive when I was there last year. I ended up staying in a room the size of a shoe box for about $300 a night. I went from Boston to NY on the train. I enjoyed it and it’s easily doable. One of the best views I’ve ever seen was coming into NYC on...
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    I'm thinking of going to Dallas on my next visit. How long do you need there?
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    Travel Positive Travel Experiences

    I got the train from Boston to New York. I had been to NY before but when that skyline came into view. I know exactly what you are talking about,
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    It’s not really a hot take to say LA can be a fairly unpleasant experience. :D
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    When I went through in August all the auto machines were closed. They had been working in the past. The major issue is all the flights that arrive from Australia arrive within a short space of time in the morning clogging the system up.
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    Club History Players that you thought would make it but didn't.

    Brad Plain - Had all the tools to be an elite small forward. Kicked 8 in a game. Had bad hamstrings.
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    Club History Players you didn't think would make it, but did!

    Dean Solomon - Just didn't see anything in him early days. He turned out to be a very important player in that awesome 2000 side.
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    If you are flying with the same airline you should be fine. You will get an express customs pass to help you get through. I got through and collected baggage and rechecked with the express pass really quickly.
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    I haven't done clubs over there but have been to many bars and the pricing is fine. Most bars have happy hours so that helps. Sometimes you stumble on some amazing prices. I wandered into a bar in Chicago and it was $1 beers for 2 hours.
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    2018 MLB Season

    Try using an US address where they will ship and then they will ship to you. I use Hop Shop Go.
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    Club History Obscure Bombers

    Won the Grand Final Sprint in 84 though.
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    Hopefully the Redsox are 2-0 up by then.
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    Travel USA travel tips and tricks

    You will be able to get tickets but they won’t be cheap especially if they are playing the Red Sox. I’ve used stubhub before over there with no problems.
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