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    Instagram comments from Tigers for Dustin Martin

    "do you know how hard it is to find a phone background" Lmfao :D When you get to to this point of a rant..its beyond anger
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    Power delistings

    I agree achee excites me.... I mean what a name to scream at the football when he is breaking lines with 40metre handballs
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    Toast Boak and Wingard are All Australian

    Respect especially to boak
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    Power delistings

    I loved bmt but this year he just didnt run with the rest of the him but I love the club more My new account will be my final goodbye.. :D
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    Power delistings

    **** I am going to have to make a new account
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    Toast Sam Colquhoun Power debut

    Lolol.... Stil laugh we got him for nothing.... Dqt haircut sooo 80s...
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    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread

    Ollie will robocop dusty
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    Opinion Butcher

    But...i knew watching him he wouldnt hold that ratio....i just knew with the way he was kicking... I am pretty sure before he was drafted it wasa huge critisim of him, everyone knew it...then he kicks some ridiculous ratio of goals to points and its all fixed nothing to worry about....yeah...
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    Opinion Butcher

    No I remember him kicking that...I remember it well....I still thought he couldn't kick..
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    Opinion Butcher

    But then again jimmy stynes learned how to kick...though jimmy didn't have an afl style of kicking engraved into him from young...and the irish guys seem to be decent kicks when they learn with an oval ball
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    Opinion Butcher

    Cloke .... I ain't even going to go down the track of cloke and butch....otherwise I will be bumpin my graveyard thread I hope they can fix butchers kicking because he seems like a confidence player
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    Opinion Butcher

    Its not giving butcher time I am worried about... The guy can't kick.....he is paid to kick goals...I don't believe at this stage you could correct butchers kicking..maybe a little but not as significantly which he needs. Ahh well in the end though butch is all we got unless big red comes on
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    Sick with #30 umpire anger

    Lets not forget the pittard throw.... But ...honestly they were too good umpires or not we were 23 points up at half time it should have been 40.. Then their avalanche happened no umpire could make it rain like that...
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    2013 B&F Predictions

    If cornes manages to win again that would be 3 bnfs from 3 different coaches....has that been done before
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    Opinion The all new 2013 trading & drafting thread

    If the price is wrong yeah probably.. I am just saying if we have to pony up some value moore would be it for me...that's if its what he wants to go too