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    COVID-19 in sport/AFL. News and Updates

    I'm going to take such a report from that particular reporter with an entire silo worth of salt.
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    Universal Love Get to know each other!

    Alright, I'll bite. Hopefully it'll get some discussion going in this trying time. Feel free to omit questions you're not comfortable with answering Some really interesting questions, Also some that are really hard to answer at 5am in the morning and you've been at work all night and can't...
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    Suns in the Media

    Check out the big brain on Collins! Added bonus he replaces Kyle Juszczyk has my favourite ever Ivy League athlete. So long as he doesn't try and spell Yale with a "6"
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    Gold Coast SUNS guernsey discussion

    Found our kit for 2021
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    e-AFL e-AFL Round 3 - Gold Coast v North Melbourne at Metricon Stadium Saturday 4th April 8PM - Suns 93 D North 80

    All those years of talking about it and you could never complete the set. We got the job done.
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    Opinion Vent & Offtopic

    It's made by an Aussie developer, It was never going to look as good at the big budget AAA titles. So long as it plays well that's the main thing.
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    Competitions 2020 eAFL - Help pick the SUNS team!

    Your innings did not go unnoticed Flashy. Bravo.
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    Competitions 2020 eAFL - Help pick the SUNS team!

    In these current times... You take what you can get Boddsy. I'll break out the Chivas... Not because of this but because its time for a drink.
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    Politics & Government The Politics Thread

    So what was the point of having a by-election?
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    Roast Poor Crowd Behaviour

    I imagine he's still got a job unlike those Fox Footy flogs that tried to unfairly railroad him. Caddy still a mega flog
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    Politics & Government The Politics Thread

    Not a Currumbin resident but I actually wouldn't mind this, Get both out of the way at once. I prepolled about this time last week, Kind of dumb to keep it going considering the demographic of 90% of the AEC volunteers (aka they old) make them liable to keeling over from The Rona.
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    Toast Captain Swallow's impending club life membership

    Does this mean we're one game short of life membership with the AFL? Checkmate Tassie.
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    Preview Looking back on 10 years: The coaching candidates

    But could be said, somewhat disappointing in his tenure there. Yes, Despite beating us in Round 1 which may never even officially exist if this shitshow of a pandemic has its way.
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    Fixture Throwback.

    This hurts my soul to read... If I had one.

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