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    Scott Morrison - How Long? Part 5 - The stroll out.

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    Covid-19 Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Part 4 - Ivermectin doesn't work either.

    Wow, you really got nothing here. You know the article was debunking something posted on Instagram?
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    Club Focus Sydney 2021

    Yep, probably makes more sense. Rookies get 15%, 100-200k get 10%, 200-400 get 5% etc.
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    Club Focus Sydney 2021

    I would have been fine if they set a threshold and once you hit that (say 500k) you didn't get it but for those under that, it still needed to be a % rather than a set figure.
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    Club Focus Sydney 2021

    So Bud and a rookie both get what exactly? $50,000 for the rookie is a nice little bump but 3/5 of FA for Lance. Percentage makes the most sense.
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    NSW Gladys Berejiklian in trouble. Part 2

    What a snowflake. Also, that camera work is horrendous.
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    Your "I Don't Get It" Band

    Mediocre is being extremely generous.
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    Bigfooty General Metal Thread Mk.VII

    Cheers. I reckon all their stuff is A+.
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    Game Day Non-Swans Game Day

    Ricciuto finding it hard to hold in his smile
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    Trade Requested Jordan Dawson [Requested Trade to SA]

    Speaking of having your pants pulled down…
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    TV Which TV shows are you watching now.

    Restarted The Wire for obvious reasons :'(
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    Players who have left a club and come back.

    Enes Kanter Portland Boston Portland Boston
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    Your "I Don't Get It" Band

    Not so much an artist, more a specific album. Benji by Sun Kil Moon is painfully average yet everyone lost their sh*t over it. Everything that's come after has been even worse but Ghosts and April are so far ahead it's not even funny. AFP and ATL weren't quite as good but still leaps and bounds...