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    Analysis 2021 trade thread

    no...............Will Ashcroft Best QLD rep. (even though he is boarding in Melb.) at 15,16 and 17
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 3

    the beauty that is the NFC East Eagles have the Chiefs coming off 2 losses - OUCH! The WFT can go 1st in the DIV if they beat the Falcons and 'Boys lose Giants WGAF really?
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    Analysis 2021 trade thread

    Best QLD kid at 17yo also
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    Analysis 2021 trade thread

    #12 Will Ashcroft (Sandringham Dragons) 6/05/2004 | 183cm | Midfielder The Brisbane Lions father-son prospect plying his trade at Sandringham Dragons showed why he is considered one of the best prospects for the 2022 draft with a dominant display in the midfield. Ashcroft showed a great mix of...
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    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency IX - Reports Jake Kelly will sign with us? Dunstan, West?

    If Franga wants to go home (and seeing how tight knit a family they are in recent times) you could try to get 4 rom the Crows Crows: Pick 11 (they can use for Dawson) and Francis Essendon: Pick 4 and 37 Could then bundle 37 and 48 for the Hawks 24 giving us 4,24.53
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    Analysis 2021 trade thread

    Will Ashcroft was the best QLD kid at 15 and 16. Lions ideally trade a 1st this year someone's first next year for this Father/Son selection.
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    Dark Side of the Ring

    Kanyon episode was sad. Always liked him as Mortis and his "Who better than Kanyon" schtick.
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    Best 30 minutes of football ever?

    Bombers kicking 11 goals in the last quarter in 85 was pretty amazing. Saturday's period of 11 goals from the 16 min. mark of Q3 to 12 min. mark of Q4 was pretty ****** spectacular.
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    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency IX - Reports Jake Kelly will sign with us? Dunstan, West?

    Lions have a lot of picks and not many cuts off the list - but you have to draft 3 players. I wouldn't be suprised if they wanted to get a better first to trade to next year for F/S Will Ashcroft who like Nick Daicos is a gun as a bottom ager and by all accounts a 1st round worthy pick next...
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 3

    C'mon Giesicki keep it going son
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    Teams Washington Football Team - Hog Heaven ™

    D and Del Rio were a disgrace I'd rather lose 50-0 man on man or blitzing all night than that BS zone set up
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 3

    this is the Washingsh*t i know.
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    AFL Toast Grand Final: Congratulations Dees!! Broke the 57 year drought!

    Ruckmen may not win Brownlows but they can certainly win Grand Finals - Jackson's a gem - plays and runs like a mid I hope Draperman and Bryan can form a tandem like that.
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    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    Make it Shane Dundee and have him as the nephew of "Memphis legend" Bill Dundee and you might have something Vince
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    Welcome Grand Final Congratulations Thread - Opposition Posters Welcome

    Well done Demons - got a lot of friends crying happy, happy , joyous tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!