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    Which club has the smallest supporter base?

    ^ Facebook numbers as of today, only cause I'm bored haha Adelaide 283k Brisbane 144k Carlton 274k Collingwood 361k Essendon 334k Fremantle 213k Geelong 215k Gold Coast 101k GWS 108K Hawthorn 333k Melbourne 142k North Melbourne 150k Port Adelaide 188k Richmond 282k St Kilda 163k Sydney 276k...
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    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

    Kinda keen for a taste of a 17 round season, no crowds aside. should be that way with alternating home and away fixtures. would make each game more meaningful and potentially allow for a state of origin series and/or meaningful preseason comp
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    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    I heard that Player X from Club Y is being tested for coronavirus as he was on the phone to someone who knows someone who ate at a Chinese restaurant and has not stockpiled enough toilet paper to guarantee immunity.
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    Opinion Robbo Top 50

    No Bombers is more than fair, though id say we’d have a few in the 51-100 range such is the nature of our list
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    Prediction 2020 Ladder Predictions

    Post Pre Season 1. Richmond 2. GWS 3. Collingwood 4. Brisbane 5. Western Bulldogs 6. West Coast 7. Port Adelaide 8. Geelong 9. Melbourne 10. Hawthorn 11. St Kilda 12. Fremantle 13. Adelaide 14. Sydney 15. North Melbourne 16. Essendon 17. Gold Coast 18. Carlton
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    Can Hawthorn succeed while ignoring the elite end of the draft? - Part 2

    Did Hawthorn and Melbourne finally merge? Cause they sure liked to kick it straight to the opposition tonight.
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    SKYBET EFL Championship 2019/20

    Mitrovic went from villain to hero in the space of 5 minutes, wasn’t expecting that finish! If it remained 0-0 it would have been the first scoreless fixture at Craven Cottage since 2011
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    Preview Marsh Series 1: West Coast vs Essendon, Mineral Resources Park, Thursday 27/02/20 @ 7:40PM

    perhaps he had a growth spurt 🤪
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    Prediction 2020 Ladder Predictions

    Bottom 3 very likely to consist of Gold Coast, Essendon and Freo - the latter two are the only teams I can see challenging the Suns for the spoon.
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    The West Coast Eagles are changing their team song

    I don't mind it as a piece of music, I'm just not sure its rousing enough to be a sporting club song
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    Give us one good reason why your team will improve in 2020.

    I’ll give you 20 good reasons
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    SKYBET EFL Championship 2019/20

    This has been a wonderful week for Fulham
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    SKYBET EFL Championship 2019/20

    Fulham should have put Boro to bed after 20 minutes but we will take the 3 points. COYW also can’t wait to see the cottage when the redevelopment is done!
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    Prediction 7 premiers for the 20's

    Richmond started this decade 0-9 so given that I will put Gold Coast down for 2 flags
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    Which team list would you least want?

    I would say Essendon is now feeling the impacts of the PED scandal with their current crop of key position players. Entering the 2013 season we had a spine of Hooker, Hurley, Carlisle, Bellchambers, Ryder, (Crameri) and a very raw Daniher. It was widely regarded as one of the better spines in...

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