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    Fixture Magic Round

    It’s a shame the AFL didn’t push SA govt to help get funding into the SANFL grounds so some of the games could be played ant them like in Glenelg, Norwood etc and AO used once each day over the 4 days.
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    Certified Legendary Thread GEELONG WINS 2022 GRAND FINAL BY PLENTY

    Hopefully some desire to push for B2B.
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    News GMHBA Stadium Stage 5 Redevelopment

    Gabba hangs over a road a bit…
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    I was wrong about Chris Scott!

    he just needs a b2b and then three peat… 😀
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    Fixture 2023 Fixture News & Leaks

    When is release date?
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    Fixture 2023 Fixture News & Leaks

    What about the first 9 games not at home?
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    Have Geelong become too powerful?

    I am so confused, Richmond fans can’t decide whether Geelong is too powerful or too irrelevant.
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    Fixture 2023 Fixture

    When will AFL release fixture?
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    News Confirmed - Big Ant developing the next AFL game

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    Prediction The Very early 2023 Ladder Predictions

    Should top 4 next year imo if staying healthy.
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    Is Geelong-Richmond the new Geelong-Hawthorn?

    No, Geelong/Hawthorn means something more.
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    Certified Legendary Thread Joel Selwood - Premiership Captain and 4 time Premiership Player

    Thank you for everything Legend. What a way to finish an amazing career!
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    Sydney's record in grand finals needs scrutinising

    We tried that, not enjoyable.