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    Preview 2020 Tiges Big Improvers

    Won't read thread until Balta is added to the pole.
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    GWS always gonna belt sides if it's free flowing footy. They would most probably belt us as well. Thank God our boys love the tackling and pressure stuff though. Serisously it's pre season and no way Sydney is gonna give 110% on the defensive stuff which is what's needed to beat those giants.
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    Training Richmond 2020 Preseason training

    Even more of a reason to get super excited. Our B team was playing a fully stacked premeriship side and still the young fellas looked impressive. Our B team would make some AFL clubs look 2nd rate.
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    Rich-mond-man chant

    Farkn Jadniks
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    No Oppo Supporters The TAN 75 - NO Politics talk allowed

    My dad thought it would be funny to give me uninsulated pliers to cut the wire of an electric fence. From memory I was like 6 years old.
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    Rance Retirement

    Have been able to meet Bachar in person through a player sponsor night won on here. I was fortunate enough to be his only sponsor as well. Serisously is a ripping bloke. Never stopped talking with each other and with no awkward silences at all. To be honest we barely even spoke about footy as well.
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    2020 Leadership Group

    Surprised to see no Martin. I would love to see him become a part of the leadership group.
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    Rance Retirement

    fu**. I hope I don't contacted by the police for blaming Tom's Apple Cart.
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    Rance Retirement

    I blame Tom Lynch and his Apple cart.
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    Universal Love Merry Christmas

    3 episodes in to Witcher and it's just awful. I want to like it but just can't. Will not be watching another episode.
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    Universal Love Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Safe Holidays. All I want for Christmas is a 2020 Premiership cup for our boys. Go Tiges.
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    Fake Richmond memorabilia - BEWARE

    Surely to avoid fakes just buy from the RFC website? Sorry to hear you got ripped off though.
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    Player Watch #38: Noah Balta

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    Player Watch #38: Noah Balta

    Interesting. Wonder if the club new something earlier but wasn't letting on. Balta was/is being groomed as Rances replacement, I wonder if everyone knew it was going to be sooner rather than later.
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    2019 Draft

    did you nominate?

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