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    Discussion Round 4, 2019 - Photos and Discussion

    This is the response I got from the cats store when I asked if player issue clash guernseys will be available Thank you for your email. As the players most likely will not be playing in their clash guernsey this year, they will not be produced as player issue. Kind regards, So unlikely...
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    News New Jumpers For 2019 - All Changes In OP

    Geelong seem to be going with a bit of orange for next season
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    Discussion What Footy Jumpers/Sports Uniforms Do You Own?

    Here’s an AFLX footy I won from the AFL in a competition. Would be one of the most unique things in the collection!
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    Discussion What Footy Jumpers/Sports Uniforms Do You Own?

    I bought both the 2018 PI’s from the cats shop, a whole rack full of them, not sure how other clubs work though
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    Discussion What Footy Jumpers/Sports Uniforms Do You Own?

    My 3 most recent additions Gary Ablett Long Sleeve Retro PI awesome how the sleeves are cuffed! Also Cam Guthrie Long Sleeve Country PI and 2017 Lincoln McCarthy Clash Long Sleeve PI
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    News New basketball uniforms/logos/courts etc.
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    Competition 2017-18 NAFL Reserves Bidding Thread

    Primary option: State: QLD Location: Coolangatta Nickname: Chill Colours: Black, White, Blue Secondary option: State:VIC Location: Melbourne Nickname: Sharks Colours: Red, Blue, Grey
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    News Essendon's 2017 Country Game guernsey

    Essendons Country Guernsey
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    Workshop Jumper Ideas for 2017

    Found logo and template on google then done this
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    News Women's Jumpers for 2017 – confirmed jumpers in OP

    gws women's Guernsey?
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    Workshop Snapchat Geofilters

    Thanks mate that looks amazing!!
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