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    Best player in 5 years time?

    Given the OP was July 2014, so 5 years is in 5 months, I am going with Fyfe.
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    Should mens AFL be rebranded as AFLV ?

    You need to change the circles in which you move...
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    The Round 1 2019 team thread...

    Fixed it...
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    Is Tom Hawkins criminally underrated?

    Porkins once cleaned through this in 30 minutes... Very underrated !!
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    Steven Motlop or Cyril Rioli?

    So much jello... still...
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    The best midfield

    Midfield is about more than three aging players...
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    Best player of the modern era?

    He was an umps favourite and the Brownlow medallists of that time were: 2001 - Akermanis 2002 - Black and Ricciuto 2003 - Ricciuto, Buckley and Goodes 2004 - Judd 2005 - Cousins 2006 - Goodes
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    What are you currently watching?

    Season 8 Suits.
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    Game Day Intraclub Match thread

    Wouldn't mind in a few years time seeing Jaeger as captain and Mitchell, Worps and Hardwick as vice captains.
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    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn, Chad Wingard

    Heaps of time until then. More concerned that his calf flared up when they tried to get some midfield minutes into him...
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    Adam Goodes

    And he was so hurt by that 13 year old he couldn't take the field later in the game...
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